MLB Networks airs Orioles’ episode tonight

MLB Network’s 30 Clubs in 30 Days episode featuring the Orioles airs later today at 5 p.m. ET.

Hosted by Matt Yallof with analysts Dan Plesac and Tom Verducci, the one-hour show will feature an in-depth look at the Orioles’ roster and examines what they need to do to compete in the American League East.

The episode includes interviews with Matt Wieters ,Buck Showalter, Adam Jones, Zach Britton, Jim Johnson, Mark Reynolds and Nick Markakis.

MLB Network was here over the weekend getting footage at O’s camp and it should have some good stuff for fans who can’t see a lot of the Spring Training action. Plesac echoed the Orioles’ beat reporters in his guess that the Opening Day starter will be Jake Arrieta.

“Overall, 2011 was a step backwards for what the Orioles thought was gonna be a good and up-and-coming pitching staff, but I really think 2012 will be better and it’s gonna start with Jake Arrieta,” Plesac said.  “It looks like the Orioles are keeping this a little bit hush, but he’s gonna be the Opening Day starter… [I] had a chance to talk with [manager] Buck Showalter and [pitching coach] Rick Adair. He’s throwing the ball terrific.  His range of motion has increased.  His flexibility is better and actually, his velocity has picked up, so they’re very encouraged and enthused with what Jake Arietta can possibly do in 2012.”

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