Johnson passes back-to-back outing test

Orioles reliever Jim Johnson looked particularly sharp on  Saturday afternoon, tossing a scoreless eighth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates split-squad in his first consecutive outing this spring.

“I thought JJ had his best outing of the spring,” manager Buck Showalter said. “The biggest thing is the location., You can tell when he is locating the ball, he feels good about himself. I think that second day in a row did him well.

Johnson hit 94 mph with his fastball in the 19-pitch inning, picking up a strikeout along the way, and Showalter didn’t deny that it gave him a little piece of mind to see Johnson –who was slowed in camp with a back injury — back to his old self.

“There was some unknown, he went through a little bit of an offseason that he has never done before,” Showalter said of Johnson, who didn’t start throwing until February. “Like I said before, I always feel like he is going to get there it was just a matter of time. And that was real encouraging today.”

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look since you are lookin at 2 spots on the rotation instead of having the ones you already have why dont you just bring in willis for one of the spots and then use a better pitcher for the closing spot simple as that

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