Wada stumbles in first start

Orioles lefty Tsuyoshi Wada struggled mightily in his second Grapefruit League appearance –first start- and was charged with four runs on four hits and a pair of walks against the Minnesota Twins Tuesday afternoon.

Wada was pulled after three innings (the team wanted him to originally go four) in a subpar outing that he admitted could cost him a chance at heading north. Here’s what he had to say about the 62-pitch start, with athletic trainer Seob Yoon serving as the interpreter…

[On how he felt this afternoon]  “It didn’t go that well. I’m not satisfied.”

[on what went wrong?]  “I wasn’t able to throw correctly with my normal form today. The first-pitch strike with the fastball I pitched was hit easily. I have to work on it more.”

[on issuing two walks in the second] “I was missing a lot of two-seamers in the second inning. I couldn’t throw a strike, a lot of walks in that inning. That inning wasn’t good, I feel really bad for the position players about it. I said sorry about it.”

[on if this outing was a step back in his progress this spring] “I think so. If I keep pitching like this, I know I won’t be able to throw and be in the starting rotation, I might not even be able to throw in general  [for the Orioles] if I keep up throwing like this. I have to work on it.”

[physically-ok?] “Yeah, physically I am fine.”

[is this an adjustment to make?] “For today, first-pitch strike was getting hit, the two-seamer I couldn’t throw for a strike. I have to work on that adjustment so I can throw a lot more innings and pitch better next time.”

[on if he felt uncomfortable on the mound] “I was trying to have fun today, and it wasn’t awkward or anything. I liked the atmosphere, I was really looking forward to pitching today. That’s why I feel sorry for the crowd that came here to watch me.”

[on if he feels he’s running out of time to make the team] “Yes, I do.”

[elbow issue a cause of being behind and throwing bad?] “Today’s pitching is not because of that. I don’t want it to be because of that.”

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Wada doesn’t sound mentally ready to perform at the major league level. Maybe something is lost in the translation but I think he is headed to the minors for at least a little while. He needs to pitch better and get mentally tougher.

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