Post-game notes

*Troy Patton followed Tsuyoshi Wada’s disappointing start with an impressive fourth inning. Patton threw nine pitches, all strikes, and retired the Twins in order including a strikeout of Denard Span. A bullpen hopeful, Patton has not allowed a run in eight games, spanning 9 1/3 spring innings. I wrote more about Patton and the Orioles’ bullpen situation here.

*O’s lefty Wei-Yin Chen, facing the Twins’ Triple-A team, faced 26 batters at Twin Lakes Park and allowed four runs on six hits and two walks with five strikeouts. He threw 85 pitches, 50 strikes and manager Buck Showalter said pitching coach Rick Adair had Chen working on a few things and he told him to not worry about the results.

*Chris Tillman allowed one run over three innings, laboring considerably in the outing. The 23-year-old Tillman allowed three hits and a walk and didn’t have a clean inning until the seventh.

Asked to assess Tillman’s outing, Showalter was frank.

“Little frustrating, for him. And for us a little bit,” Showalter said.  “Coming off  a real impressive outing, had a good last inning, but the level we are getting ready to perform at, our people are, we just got to be a little more consistent than that. The makeup part of it, all the other things, [he’s] just inconsistent with a lot of parts of what he’s capable of, and what he needs to bring.

But he’s had some good innings here, and today, showing it at the end. But if you look at the actual body of work and what he gave up, if he would have started that game he would have been out of it in the fourth, fifth inning because of pitch count.”

*Third baseman Mark Reynolds slammed into the concrete wall chasing down a foul pop-up in the sixth inning. and will have a pretty nice bruise on his left knee after today. Reynolds said he was fine and just got a Charley horse, joking afterward that he purposely ran into the wall because didn’t want to travel to tomorrow’s game in Dunedin.

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Showalter stated about Tillman, “if he would have started that game he would have been out of it in the fourth, fifth inning because of pitch count.” Since Tillman only pitched 24 pitches in 3 innings, perhaps Buck needs a calculator? That was 8 pitches per inning to 13 batters. Had he gone 9 innings that would’ve been 72 pitches. Not too shabby for a pitcher who was “laboring”!

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