Roberts to head to Baltimore w. the team (updated)

Optimism for Brian Roberts’ return to the Orioles’ lineup got a lift on Monday, with the news that the second baseman —who will be placed on the disabled list – will head north to Baltimore with the team next week.

Roberts, who last appeared in a game on May 16, said he was told he would be placed on the 15-day DL, not the 60-day, which is another encouraging sign for the longest-tenured Oriole.

“ I really didn’t want to be separated again, be down here away from my teammates and kind of not feel a part of things,” said Roberts of not staying in extended spring camp. “Medically, even more so, it was important. My doctor felt it was really very important to be in that environment as much as possible. Around the crowded stadiums, and start to readjust to the travel schedule and those things all over again. Those are all things that he’s had guys have difficulty with in the past.

When you are in a rehab assignment down here, you are in a very controlled environment. Same time, same place, not a lot of people around and you can get acclimated to that. But, when you go up into that atmosphere it’s a whole different ball game.”

Roberts said he his daily schedule will tentatively be the same it has been in the final weeks of camp, which includes taking infield work and pregame batting practice. He has not gotten into a spring game but has started watching the team’s games from the dugout as he tries to reacclimate to that environment.  Roberts has said several times this spring that being around his teammates has been welcome reprieve in his recovery and he reiterated that sentiment Monday.

“I told [Orioles manager Buck Showalter] the other day, I said ‘You don’t know how excited you made me’,” Roberts said.” Now I know I don’t have to stay down here and be isolated from everybody. That was part of the miserable aspect of it last year. Last year I knew it was important for me to be down here and get away from the crazyiness, now it’s important for me to get back into the crazyiness.

So, I guess the good part is the difference of where I am in the recovery process.”

While Roberts said every step in his progression has been important, he acknowledged that Monday’s news is one of the most important so far. He has not had any setbacks as of late and continues to remain optimistic that he will take the field for Baltimore at some point this season.

When that will be is anyone’s guess, although the decision to keep Roberts on the 40-man roster by not putting him on the 60-day DL, is a sign of good faith that the second baseman could return sooner, rather than later.

“I have hope that I’m coming back,” said Roberts who keeps in frequent contact with Twins’ infielder Justin Morneau who also dealt with a concussion. “Obviously if they didn’t think I was going to come back they probably would 60-day DL me. But, I think we are all hopeful that’s not the case at this point.”

“We are going on the 15 day dl, so we are conceding that I won’t be ready in 15 days. But other than that, we aren’t conceding anything at this point.”



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i can see it now. look how beatufil the park looks , but yet how uguly the team is . look at that davy johnson has the nationals in the playoffs, wow the pirates won 82 games , the orioles most of team will be traded the skipper will walk in the middle of season because being tired of going no where . the king angloes will say we have to be paitent we cant over invest in the team we only have so much revenue . but the king will say at least we didnt loose 100 games this year. roberts will be back on dl. jones will be trade to alanta for nothing markiest will be in col traded for nothing reynolds will be traded to phil for nothing harden will be traded to detroit for nothing see where iam getting at as long as angloes owns this team will never see another winning year at candem yards. i hate whats going on with this team i hate loosing year after year , having a owner who doesnt have a clue or dont care about putting a winner on the field i wish stienbrenner was the owner of the orioles , at least well have a winner like the orioles use to be. but once again look how beatufil the park looks

the orioles had a great chance putting a winner on the field with this year free agents instead jerk around and got very little to improve the team.instead they trade guthery there only proving innings eater, for what ? nothing is this a sign of things to come this year ? instead the type of off season they had dan the great one got the orioles kicked out in south korea and lets not forget signning sore arm jappenese pitchers. is roy aswald still out there why not sign him to a one year deal, even thats too much to ask from this missfit owner. this is why iam so against having a tax on teams that want to spend and have a winner , because it keeps teams like the orioles proffitable when they have loosing teams year after year, there should be a loosers tax when a team doesnt care about winning that would put angloes in the poor house if there was such a tax

What depressing comments Kenneth. Spring training is a time for optimism! When else can you see the O’s tied with the premium clubs. Just look … Kevin Gregg pitched 2 strong innings against minor leaguers today!

You probably should re-name this website “I Hate the Orioles”. Seems like everything I read here is depressing. It’s bad enough to be disappointed in the O’s during the season or late in the season, but do we have to badmouth them in March?

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