Hammel’s outing

Orioles starter Jason Hammel labored through a two-inning stint and was pulled before the third after throwing 59 pitches. After retiring the Red Sox in order in the first, Hammel allowed two runs on three hits and a pair of walks in a 39-pitch second inning. Hammel said afterwards he was pleased with the work he was able to get in, despite running into a lot of deep counts from foul balls.

“It’s frustrating,” he said of only going two innings because of pitch count. “I was making pretty good pitches. A lot of foul balls, extended innings with the heat. You can make all the excuses in the world, but I’m pretty pleased with the work today, no matter what the line would be.

“The slider was real good. The changeup and curveball went missing today, for some reason. I think I was rushing a little bit, but other than that, I’m not disappointed with anything today. I made some good pitches and they fouled them off, and I did what I did when I needed to make a pitch. I feel good.”

“[It was] one of those days where I was making pretty good pitches and they just weren’t putting them in play. I had my share of bad pitches in there, too, but I was just getting my work in and making sure I get to a certain point with the amount of pitches and just getting ready for the season. No reason to get hurt.”


I haven’t heard too much about Kevin Gregg this spring … how is he looking Britt? I certainly hope he improves from last year. Great spring training coverage Britt!

Gary, he’s looked OK. only 1 ER in his last four outings. I think w. a guy like him, he is what he is and spring stats –good or bad — aren’t really a factor. As Greg reminded me the other day, he’s been in about 60 career spring games.

Watched the game twice yesterday and Hammel was doing fine until the defense let him down several times. You cannot give professional ballplayers additional chances or they will take advantage most of the time. He will be our #2 or #3 starter with Arietta #1 Chen and Matusz Probably #3 and 4 and Hunter #5 or some combo of the above 5. I’m looking for Gregg to be traded so they can keep Simon and or Strop. Getting close to Opening day and I would like to see a set lineup at least a few games prior to then. Leadoff, cleanup and DH specifically. The rest will be flexible depending on who is in the lineup. W ill Nick Johnson make the club? I think Buck likes his OBP and potential power now that he is healthy. Keep up the good work.

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