Wada goes three innings

Orioles lefty Tsuyoshi Wada got 10 outs over three innings and threw 46 pitches, including 31 for strikes in a Double-A game against the Red Sox today. He faced 13 batters and his fastball was mostly clocked in the 85-86 mph range, topping out at 87. Wada allowed one (unearned) run and two hits, walked none and struck out two. Here is what he had to say through his interpreter.

[on how it went]
“The fastball felt better than it did last time, but if I had to chose, definitely the control felt better than last time. I had better control.”
[pitching to contact]
“As long as I keep that ball down, I’m going to keep pitching to contact. That what I did in Japan, that’s what I did here today. I still think there is room for improvement with my fastball, that’s what I’m going to try to do the next time out.”
[will he be ready in time to compete for starting spot?]  “I still think there’s a chance. But of course, it’s up to the manager. I’ll do whatever the manager says.”
[know your role?] “They are having me throw multiple innings, having me sit down and go back out there, keeping their eyes on pitch count. So, I think they are looking at me as a starter. But I don’t know.”
[elbow issue?] “No problem.” [wada actually said this in English.]
[how many games would u need to be ready for the season?] “I don’t know what we are going to do from here yet. Haven’t heard yet. Hopefully, they let me throw longer next time. If they do that, I might be ready then. At most it would take me two outings. In Japan, I would usually go three or four outings during spring training and then go right into the season.”

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