A few more post-game notes

A few more items that didn’t make it into today’s notebook –which you can read here — following the Orioles’ 4-1 loss to the Blue Jays this afternoon.

*Orioles manager Buck Showalter was impressed with his exit conversation with top pitching prospect Dylan Bundy. Bundy, who was one of the team’s roster cuts yesterday, said he didn’t care where he started the season but he had an idea in his head of where he wanted to finish it.  Showalter joked that the tone of that conversation would have gone differently if he told Bundy he was starting in extending spring.

The 19-year-old Bundy was optioned to Class-A Delmarva, and while it’s not a given that where he starts the year, it’s a logical landing spot to get him acclimated to pro baseball and get a few starts under his belt.

“I do think it’s important he starts the year with a [full season] team,” Showalter said. “Pitch every fifth day and if you need to decrease his inning-outings that’s easy. He needs to pitch in August, he needs to do things he hasn’t done.”

*Ryan Flaherty drove in the Orioles’ lone run on Monday. He also committed his second error at shortstop and was late on covering second base on a stolen base attempt in the first inning.  Flaherty is a Rule-5 pick and is competing for a utility infielder role, a position which right now looks to be his to lose. Matt Antonelli and Steve Tolleson are also in the mix and it’s possible two of those three are on the Opening Day roster.

Showalter had originally said that one of the deciding factors would be being able to play shortstop, but he softened his stance slightly on Monday when asked how important that was for Flaherty.

“I feel pretty comfortable he will be able to play third and corner in the outfield and second base somewhat. Shortstop’s kind of new for him,” Showalter said. “He’s going to get as many reps as we can give him there. and see if we can get him comfortable there, if that’s an option for us. He can play first base. I think so can the other guys.  We got a lot of games left. A lot of innings to be played. Especially when we start paring down. I think you will see those three guys hang with us for quite a while.”

*Because of those three utility players, and the addition of Wilson Betemit, infielder Ryan Adams and Josh Bell made early exits in the first round of cuts.

“We knew at this point Josh and Ryan were not going to make the club and the [Minor League] games are starting on the 14th,” Showalter said. “There’s no reason to keep them here for their well being.”

Showalter said he had good conversations with both guys yesterday.

“But, [they] walk in you ask them whether they thought they were going to make this club coming in, between Betemit and three infielders that can play multiple places,” he said. “It’s a big upgrade for us from last year. The fact that we could keep all three of them in the organization if we so choose.”

*The Orioles currently have nine of 29 pitchers with some sort of injury in camp. While obviously the extent of those injuries are varied, it will start to become more of a separator as we get deeper into spring.

*Pat Neshek threw a scoreless inning on Monday and hasn’t allowed a run in his first three appearances. He’s an interesting guy, particularly to Showalter.

“He always has been, that’s why he’s here,” Showalter said of the sidearmer. “His presentation you don’t see a whole lot, I think everybody knows what he’s capable of when he’s healthy.  There’s probably not anybody in camp who has had a better statistical year from start to finish in his career. Just like a lot of guys, we hope we are catching them when they are healthy.”


Hi, Britt. Not that clear on the position being Flaherty’s to lose if the other two are in the mix and two of the three could make the club. Also, just to get a tiny bit nitpicky, utility infielder would not be what I’d consider a position. I figure you meant position in the sense of role, or job. And if, if, if, Roberts comes back, Andino is utility over all the others. But I realize we are going at it with the mentality that Roberts won’t be back on a regular basis. That whole second base vs. utility issue is, in Buck’s words, a moving target.

I’m clear on it being his job to lose. Just a feeling from being down here…–Britt

Thank you for comprehensive coverage of the Monday Orioles. Isn’t anyone concerned about the lack of offense over the past several games? I know we’re not playing many of our regulars on the road, but…

What are your observations on Antonelli. He has 3 hits in 9 ABs. Can you ask Buck about his chances of making the club or do you think he is destined for the minors? He is another former first round pick, with a lot of success in the minors. I guess they are trying to see if he is a major leaguer or 4A player.

the orioles missed the boat on free agents this winter. i see the washington nationals will challage for a playoffs this year. the pirates should be a five hundred team. but the orioles will say at least we didnt loose a hundred games . instead will loose 88 games. adam jones, nick markatis, and anyone else who have a good season will be traded by the trade deadline. the godfather of the loosers will say we need to be responable and cant afford to field a winning team. if this happens the fans need to boycott the orioles and force angloes see the team or move them. so we can get another team with an owner that wants to win. mr angloes destroyed this team and is a disgrace of an owner.the fans need to start protesting in front of camden yards, and demand this owner to field a winning team.

why not see if troy patton can win a long relief job. i think this man paid his minor league dues long enough.

i dont understand how can baltimore have a great looking baseball stadium but have an uguly loosing baseball team . thank god the ravens are here. is it football season yet ha ha ha?

In ref to the Ravens comment. This is baseball the National Pastime. The Orioles have won as many Championships in their first 13 years as the Ravens have. ONE. However the Orioles have won other World series Titles and Division Titles. Who cares about the bounty hunters and thugs that can’t do anything intelligent like your ridiculous comment. Go Orioles. The Cleveland Ravens what a joke. The Baltimore Colts now there was a football team. Life begins on opening day. O’s4ever

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