Gregg: “I want to be an Oriole.”

Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg isn’t immune to the trade rumors that have surrounded him for months, but he said Sunday in his first extended comments this spring, that he wants to remain in Baltimore and help the organization turn things around.

“When I signed here last year, I signed with the intention of competing for the closers’ role, and that’s my intention right now,” Gregg said. “If [Dan] Duquette and Buck [Showalter] end up coming across a deal that they feel is best for the organization, than I deal with it. But right now I want to be an Oriole. I want to play for these guys, I want to be a part of this team.  That’s the reason I signed here last year, to be a part of this team; a team that is working forward.

“I wasn’t blind to the fact that this team was a work in progress, and that’s part of what drew me here is wanting to be a part of it.” Gregg said of an Oriole club that finished 69-93.  “Did we stub our toe last year? Yes. But, do I think there’s still a lot of potential in this clubhouse? Yes.”

For the full story on Gregg, including what he’s doing to combat issuing a season-high 40 walks last season and what he envisions as his role on the team, click here.

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