Roberts progressing, timeline still unclear

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts remains on a day-by-day progression and said Wednesday he’s having more good days than bad, although he’s still not certain if he will be able to get into a Spring Training game.

Roberts, who hasn’t played in a Major League game since May in dealing with a concussion, has been taking infield work with instructor Mike Bordick for about a week and has also been taking batting practice off the coaches. Asked if the next logical step in his program would be to take live batting practice, Roberts didn’t think so.

“I’m not hitting off of our pitchers,” Roberts said. “Even when I was healthy I didn’t hit off live pitchers before I hit in games. I never liked doing that anyways, so we will see what the next step is when we get there.”

Roberts has been working with special assistant Brady Anderson, running sprints and doing conditioning. His program is systematic, meaning Roberts has a plan instructed by his doctor that he follows every day. He said Wednesday morning his legs are finally starting to get under him, and he’s getting a “little more explosive and a little more energetic” in his movements.

Asked if there was a feeling of restlessness given how Roberts is typically a workout freak, he said: “Of course. I’d love to be out there from Day 1 doing everything and having no restrictions, of course. There’s times when it drives you nuts, but it is what it is at this point.”

Roberts has been more of a regular fixture in the team’s clubhouse as of late, laughing and joking with some of his teammates as he tries to remain in good spirits.

“Yeah, definitely [am feeling] better than I was four month ago so that’s good,” Roberts said of his progression.  “It’s never as fast as you want, but we’re getting there.”

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I hope and pray that Roberts can come back. But, I am not very optimistic.

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