Orioles hire sports psychologist

SARASOTA, Fla. — Continuing an offseason of interesting front-office hires and inter-organization movement, Dan Duqette, the Orioles’ executive vice president of baseball operations, has added sports psychologist Seth Kaplan to provide mental-performance services, with a focus on the pitching staff.

“It’s mental toughness,” Duquette said of the lessons that Kaplan — who also worked with the 82nd Airborne Division based out of Fort Bragg, N.C. — will bring to the Orioles. “Mental toughness training. He’s going to concentrate on the pitchers. The idea is to help them prepare mentally to prepare physically. It’s a key component.”

Kaplan’s initial meetings over the first few days of camp have been with groups of pitchers, and the plan is to tailor individual sessions in the future. Thursday’s group included Jason Hammel, Tommy Hunter, Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta and Zach Britton — five pitchers who figure to factor heavily into the rotation this season.

To read the rest of the story on Orioles.com, click here.


Dear Brittany Ghiroli, your article is full of falcities. A psychologist is some one who possesses a DOCTORAL degree in psychology. Only CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS can call themselves psychologists and be able to see clients. This impostor has a Masters in Education, he is not qualified to be called a clinician and his “mental toughness” approach has absolutely NO scientific merit behind it.

What jerk would come on here and criticize a writer covering a sports team? Seems to me like this person has an issue with the subject.
Thank you for the article, and the continued coverage.
This may end up being an important step to changing team outlook and personality. It seems in the past that many players have folded for the O’s when the pressure was on. They may need the perspective that a sports psychologist can bring. Oddly enough, I think some of the best players will better benefit, such as Jones and Reynolds, because their problems seem to be more focus related than talent related.

Yeah I do have an issue with this subject. If someone has a two year associates degree for medical assisting, would you want them to call themselves a doctor? What happens is under-qualified people promote themselves as being trained providers when in fact, they are anything but. This leads to delivery of sub-par and at times, harmful treatment and exploitation of clients. Granted, the team has a heavy bag of money to hire such individuals, but less fortunate individuals will fork over a sizable portion of their paychecks to engage in “therapy” that is not empirically supported or validated, and as mentioned prior, harmful. If this is how the Orioles are promoting themselves and trying to show face for improvement of such a dismal season, then they have you fooled. If they were truly invested, they would hire a real team of psychologists who are well versed in delivering valid treatment and not some face with a masters in Education.

Oh and its actually illegal to call or promote oneself a psychologist without a doctoral degree.

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