Notes & images from Day 2

*There’s a lot of position players filtering in. Among the new arrivals today: Nick Johnson, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Robert Andino, Matt Antonelli, Ryan Flaherty, LJ Hoes & Xavier Avery.  Joe Mahoney has also been here for a few days along with Nolan Reimold, J.J. Hardy, Mark Reynolds and Nick Markakis.

I’ll have more on Davis and Andino up later on

*Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said today second baseman Brian Roberts is on a “physical progression” in returning from a concussion, although he acknowledged that the organization still doesn’t know if Roberts will have the tolerance and capability to do certain things.

Roberts took swings in the indoor batting cages today and threw with shortstop J.J. Hardy and he has also been working out at the team’s Minor League complex at Twin Lakes Park as well, doing tee work and short toss hitting. You can read more about that here.

*Zach Britton (left shoulder inflammation) threw about 60 pitches today, at around 100 feet, and was able to work in approximately 15 fastballs from his regular windup, meaning the catcher was crouched down in a squat.  The biggest test will be when he throws again Tuesday –since he has yet to throw consecutively– although Britton seems encouraged that he’s been able to get into his arm slot and hasn’t had any discomfort in that shoulder area.

“The best way to sum it up is that I feel as good on the morning I wake up and I’m throwing as the day after,” Britton said. “[Tuesday] will be a big test, how I feel when I wake up, then the next day how I feel after two consecutive days throwing. So if everything’s good, I don’t think it’s an issue any more. It’s more about throwing every day, maybe go back a little with throwing distance and then starting to get off the mound.”

Britton said he’s able to get into his arm slot with no discomfort which was the problem earlier this offseason.

“I feel really good,” he said. “It looks nice and easy. We videotaped it today so I’m actually going to watch it. But they’re saying everything looks really smooth, even in comparison to last year.”

*The Orioles will finish up the last group of pitchers to go through the bio mechanical analysis Tuesday morning, and the results come back in about 10 days. Guys like Britton, who isn’t throwing off a mound, may get it done at a later date. (You can read more about what that’s all about in yesterday’s recap.)

*I’ve been asked a few times about the 10 players in camp who are out of options. Here’s the list:  Dana Eveland, Robert Andino, Chris Davis, Nolan Reimold, Alfredo Simon, Troy Patton, Pedro Strop, Jai Miller, Jim Johnson & Taylor Teagarden.  Note that these are guys on the 40-man roster, so if they don’t make the team they have to be placed on waivers. Another interesting case to watch is infielder Ryan Flaherty, who is a Rule 5  guy, meaning he would have to be offered back to the Cubs at half the $50,000 price the Orioles paid for him this winter.

*New Orioles reliever Matt Lindstrom speaks fluent Swedish, he lived there for two years, and since the Orioles’ pitching staff has a wide range of languages this year, I thought it’d be fun to try to see what I can pick up this spring.

Word of the Day: Hur är lä´get? This means “what’s up” in Swedish.

*And finally, here are a few more pictures from today…

Orioles pitcher Tommy Hunter hamming it up for the camera. Note Troy Patton behind him, who made sure to tease him as he walked by.

Executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette with  director of baseball administration Tripp Norton (in the blue shirt).

Orioles manager Buck Showalter takes a second to sign autographs.

Mark Reynolds signing autographs.

Pitchers fielding practice.

Chris Davis getting ready to take batting practice.

Group mound meeting. If you look really close you can see manager Buck Showalter standing on the mound talking to everyone.

New Oriole Nick Johnson fields grounders at first along with Joe Mahoney.

Adam Jones hitting.

Jones and Reynolds hanging out behind the batting cage. Shortstop J.J. Hardy is also in the right-hand corner.

Pitchers Alfredo Simon and Zach Phillips running from one field to another during PFP.

Reynolds taking some swings.


How about some photos of Dylan Bundy !!!

Yesterday I had two. So check there; I try to get a wide range. –Brittany


Thanks for the greats pictures and superb coverage of the O’s. The story on Brob was encouraging. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Lenny. Much appreciated.

Thank you very much for the list.

Philip Carr:I loved it! The promo had me looking out for it on Showcase and when I caghut it over the weekend I was pleasantly surprised at the high grade production value and the stellar acting of the principal characters. The premise while done was given a new spin which made it exciting. I am looking forward to many more episodes and a run of many years. A big bonus for me was learning that it is a Canadian product. Well done, and thanks.

Oh yes, thank you for the great pictures. Please keep them coming.

I too am quite impressed with Britt’s coverage of the O’s. I have been fooled before by the O’s front office. Every year I believe them and think that this will in fact be our year. It’s been kind of like the Peanuts comic strip with Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. I do sense something different now, though. I really believe them this time. I could again end up on my butt like poor Charlie, but this time I have more hope than ever. Keep up the good work, Brittany, and go Orioles.

Great job Britt. Love the pics and updates. Thanks

Hey Britt
Thanks for BRob info. Great pics thank you.

Actually seeing these photos is so cool. After getting pelted with snow in the NC
mountains, these photos reinforces that Spring really is just around the corner.
Keep them coming. Your photo choices are excellent. You must be loving it down there.

Wonderful photos! With those Popeye arms, Chris Davis really looks big. Looks as if everyone has arrived in good shape.

Great photos! Getting me pretty excited to get to down to Sarasota! I’ll be there against the Pirates and the Braves!! Keep up the positive work!! Love reading your blog! Thanks!!

Wieters, Riemold, Jones, Reynolds, and my New favorite Oriole, whom im calling the Prince of Charm City, Tommy Hunter, will all be in beast mode this year!

Well O`s fans, its that time of year again. As the smell of pine tar and fresh leather fills the air in newly renovated Ed Smith Stadium and Camden yards, professional baseball players prepare to compete in the greatest division in all of baseball (AL east). hopefully the new additions to the organization and the lime light being on Camden yards 20th year, will give the team the ‘new swag’ it needs to paint the Fall Classic orange and black in 2012.

Any new updates on those upgrades to the yard? So excited to go to opening day!!!

How much weight did Hunter lose during the off-season? He looks in great shape?
Maybe you can ask him Britt?

not as much as Reynolds, I’d say right around 15 lbs. But, yes he does look like he’s in much better shape. A lot of the guys do.

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