Thoughts on Kim

A few quick thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Orioles signing of 17-year-old Southern Korean pitcher Seong-Min Kim…

A league source confirmed that the Orioles had signed Kim without going through the proper channels mandated by MLB. The Korean Baseball Organization complained, and rightly so, that that the matter must go directly through MLB and were angered because they claim they were not informed of the Orioles’ talks with Kim until he signed. So, they do have grounds to be upset.

It’s unclear how this happened exactly, but it could have been a result of Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette being away from the game for so long. Thus the apology statement issued by Duquette last night.

MLB is still reviewing the complaint and hasn’t made public a decision or course of action, and there’s a chance they could fine the Orioles or institute other disciplinary action. There’s also about an equal chance that they take Duquette’s apology, in which he stated there was an “unintentional breach of protocol” at face value and try to mend things with the Korean Baseball Association.  It’s unclear right now when and how this will all play out, but hopefully that sheds a little more light on what’s going on.  It’s also equally unclear what will happen in terms of the KBA’s plan to ban Orioles’ scouts from attending amateur games in the future.


In the continuum between kerfuffle and full-blown youknowwhat storm, I’d say this rates as a tempest in a teapot.

Hey this isn’t cricket. Teapot. There’s no crying in baseball.LOL

Time to move on from this situation. Bring on the ST positional competition talk. Who’s on 1st, what’s on 2nd, I don’t know is on 3rd etc. etc. This is where all the fun is. WHO WILL BE IN LEFT FIELD AND CENTER FIELD on opening day. where do we get a #! and #2 starter before the season starts since we don’t have anyone close to a competitive 1 or 2. How many relievers do we need to pitch 1 inning. Log Jam. Will JJ get a chance to start? Will we unload Gregg? Who is going to leadoff? Bat 4th and drive in runs. Bat 5th and drive in runs. Who is the closer? Man is this going to be the whachiest spring in Oriole history or what. It sure won’t be dull. Everyday will be adventure. Let’s play ball.O’s4ever

I agree – time to move on. If the Yankees or Red Sox would have signed this kid, and in the manner that the Orioles did, all would be right with the world. The young man was offered a job and he took it – get over it Korean baseball people. I too am ready for spring training to start and see what happens. Should be one of the most interesting springs in recent memory. Lots of good healthy competition and scrapping for some of those 25 spots. Time to break the lease on the basement apartment and move up. Go Orioles!!!!

Funny that we signed Kim before S. Korea league. Maybe they were embarrassed by their lack of scouting their own homegrown talent.

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