O’s remain interested in Manny

The Orioles have had “exploratory talks” with free agent slugger Manny Ramirez’s agent, executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette confirmed on Monday’s conference call.

Duquette– fresh off a trade with the Rockies that netted Baltimore pitchers Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom — confirmed the O’s long rumored interest in Ramirez and that the team had watched him workout.

“We are still considering the composition of this club, and some of the challenges of integrating a player like Manny into our ballclub and market,” said Duquette, who had Ramirez as a player in Boston.

Ramirez, who retired briefly last season, will face a 50-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy should he sign a new contract and play in 2012. While he would come at a cheaper cost than another designated hitter type on the market, such as Johnny Damon, Ramirez also comes with significant drawbacks. In addition to the suspension, Ramirez typically brings a media circus, and it’s unclear how his antics, which spawned the phrase “Manny being Manny,” would play out under manager Buck Showalter’s watch.

Ramirez is rumored to have interest from at least two other clubs, Toronto and Oakland, and he would almost certainly have to sign a Minor League deal given his suspension. The Orioles, who are still seeking to upgrade their bullpen before Spring Training, remain interested in adding a veteran bat –like Ramirez – as well.


Let Manny be Manny for the circus. He’s a clown and disgrace to the game of baseball. If it looks like a cancer, smells like a cancer, acts like a cancer, IT IS A CANCER NOT AN ANSWER. NO MANNY NO MANNY NO MANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT TO MANNY. lol

I would rather see Duquette DH than Manny.😮

Absolutely right and very well stated. If you want to “decompose” what is finally beginning to look like a decent roster, then Manny is the guy to do it. I don’t care if he comes back and hits 90 home runs for Oakland or Toronto, they are very welcome to him.

I would rather see the Orioles get the DH/ Big bat guy in the form of an everyday player. We have Endy Chavez, Betemit and so forth to DH and get a quality 3rd or 1st baseman. The over the hill gang as witnessed last year with Vlad and Lee was enough. Go young baby. take a chance on a Mahioney type instead. O’s4ever

Here is a possibility that may be worthwhile exploring. There is a 26 year old 1st baseman in the Phillies system that should be at least checked out. His name is Matt Rizzotti and he played at Reading (AA) last year. Since there is no DH in the National League, this poor guy is stuck behind Ryan Howard in Philadelphia. Last year he hit .295 with 34 doubles, 24 hrs, had 84 RBI’s and even stole a few bases (he is 6’5″ and weighs 265 lbs). I realize that Reading is as I said AA minor league baseball, but what would
it hurt to check into things a bit. Even if he had to play at Norfolk this year, if things go well there, here may be the 1st baseman for the future.

Please, please, please, please do not bring Manny back to the ALE. Please. Please. Would another please impact your decision, Buck Showalter?

If buckshowalter wants to go get manny then let him do that and if manny doesnt sign with the orioles then he can try to go get rizzotti and johnny damon or he might give up some players to the cubs to get soriano. So let the man run the club and let the fans just be there and support the team cus we really need to get out of dead last of the AL EAST standings and be a contender for a playoff spot so everybody thats jumpin down buckshowalters throat just back off and let him do what is right for the team and just be there to support them through this season and then we can see how they do.

The interest in Manny is more Duquette’s than Buck, but I agree with the rest of what you’re saying.

so if the orioles do go and get manny do u think that is a good idea or a bad one and what about the orioles getting alfonso soriano from the cubs?

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