Guthrie speaks

I just got off the phone with Jeremy Guthrie, who was traded this morning to the Colorado Rockies. (More on that here.)

I’ll have an updated story up shortly, but here’s a blog with Guthrie’s quotes and reaction to the news.

[on being a trade candidate for a while]

There were times throughout the year that rumors swirled a lot heavier than other times, certainly at the end of July and in the offseason. But once numbers for a contract are submitted and you are planning on going to a hearing, that’s what the focus was. The trade was very surprising, especially the timing of it.”

[on his time in Baltimore]

“I think those who watched me play know I’m extremely grateful. Baltimore is where I consider my major league career starting. It’s where I was an everyday player,  I made my first Opening Day start there.

I think about guys like Dave Hollins, who was a scout for the Orioles and saw me in Triple-A, and [former Orioles manager] Dave Trembley, those were two really important people along with Jim Duquette and [Mike Flanagan], who gave me a chance. I was lucky enough and fortunate enough to take advantage of the opportunity and when I look back on the five years, everything is positive. We didn’t play as well as we’d like to, I didn’t pitch as well as I’d like to, but I can say in the five years I was there no one was ever doing giving less than all they had.

And for that I look back 100 percent positive, my time here was a huge chunk of mine and my familys life. It’s a huge part of our lives. I know I’ll miss the fans tremendously, [and am] lucky enough through social media you can still stay in touch with fans.”

[on going to the Rockies, who have had interest in him for a while]

“The Rockies have been one of those teams that has consistently had interest, and I guess that’s the silver lining in the big change. I get a chance to go to a city and play for a team that’s ready to win now and ready to go after it and doing everything in their power to do that. I’m excited to pitch meaningful games all season, right from the start.”

[on not going to arbitration with the Rockies and working out a one-year deal]

I told [my agent], ‘Whatever, let’s just work out a deal. Let’s get it done.’ I don’t think anybody at that point was prepared to get a hearing.  We can move forward now without any distractions.”

[on missing his Orioles teammates]

“This was my favorite team that I had ever played on, the one we were going into spring training with. I enjoyed last year as much as I could ever enjoy a season, even though we struggled.  Guys like JJ Hardy and Mark Reynolds, and the lasting friendships we had already developed with guys like Matt Wieters and Brian Matusz…We had a great group of guys, we have a lot of fun on the field, and I looked forward to being on the field and going to work every day.

I thought Adam Jones last year became one of the best leaders I’ve ever seen on a baseball team. I’m going to miss that group of guys, I think they are going to do big things and it’s going to hurt when you’re not a part of it. I have no doubt that they are going to be better than last year.

That’s one of the most difficult parts of it all, is the teammates, because I’ve enjoyed playing with them all so much.”


Class guy what else can you say. Good Luck Jeremy. Hope you are right about this season for the O’s and Rockies

Hats off to Jeremy…we will miss his class. Just think…he is a free agent next year….:o

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