A few other notes..

*Rick VandenHurk was released today, after clearing waivers, and the right-hander is now officially a free agent. VandenHurk was taken off the 40-man roster to make room for Wilson Betemit.  Best of luck to VandenHurk moving forward.

*The organization has also hired Chris Correnti as a Performance Consultant. Correnti, who was with the New York Mets as a rehabilitation specialist from 2007-2010, will fill a similar role for the Orioles. He served as an assistant trainer and rehab coordinator with the Boston Red Sox during Dan Duquette’s time as general manager.

In his role, Correnti will provide fitness and conditioning advisory services to the organization.  He will be responsible for the oversight of the individual rehabilitation of injured players, as selected by the medical staff.  He will also implement year-round training and conditioning programs for the organization’s pitchers.




Sounds like a another good hire. Looks like Peter has allowed Dan to spend millions of dollars on all these new hires. Now can he please spend some money to get more major league talent. We need 2 top of the rotation pitchers and a DH/ big bat in the middle and a leadoff hitter.1st ,2nd and 3rd base competition is between a bunch of minor leaguers and cast offs and a 200 strikeout guy that bats his weight. I sure am looking forward to spring training if nothing else just to see what trades or guys we pick up from other rosters. Go Dan. Sign some proven talent. Please Please Please. O’s4ever

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Good move here. VandenHurk didn’t appear to have much and even having him in the minors appeared to be a waste of space.

its smart that dan is doin this now can he do the same and get more good players to help the orioles get better and be a contender this year?

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