A few notes

A few things while most of you nurse that Ravens hangover…

*The Orioles released 25-year-old outfielder Kyle Hudson, who is now a free agent. Hudson was designated for assignment when the Orioles signed lefty Wei-yin Chen.

*A few more Prince Fielder rumors today, with the Nationals reportedly coming close to offering Fielder a deal (per ESPN’s Jim Bowden on Twitter) and the Orioles still very interested (per MLB.com’s Jim Duquette’s Twitter).

Are the Orioles in on Prince? Executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette didn’t do much to quiet speculation at Saturday’s Fanfest when asked where things stand.

“Are we going to get him? I don’t know,” Duquette said of Fielder, a Scott Boras client who is believed to be out of the O’s price range unless his asking price drops. “But if we don’t, we’ll look for someone just like him.”

I’ve thought all along the Orioles remained a serious longshot to get Fielder and maintain that the market would have to fall for him to choose to come to Baltimore.  But we saw last year how the Vladimir Guerrero rumor started, got laughed off and than the O’s swooped in and offered what no one else would.

So, what am I saying? You can’t ever rule anything out completely. Duquette has added pitching depth and it’s fair to say the club is allocating resources (or trying to) to upgrade positionally if possible. But they have yet to meet with Fielder  –which would mean things were serious — and there’s been no whispers of the idea of offering a deal with Spring Training just around the corner.

“We should be able to sign a few more players to supplement our roster, players we can at least take a look at in camp,” Duquette said Saturday of any moves on the horizon.  “We’ll continue to work on improving our roster. That never stops, really, but I think there’s a good opportunity to add a few more players here in the next couple of weeks.”

*According to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, the Rays are interested in middle infielder Jeff Keppinger, who was non-tendered by the Giants this winter. I’ve always thought the Orioles would benefit from adding a guy like Keppinger as more insurance for Brian Roberts. Or you could sign him and see what you can get on the trade market for Robert Andino, who executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said has drawn considerable interest. I know the Orioles met with Keppinger’s camp in Dallas, but am not sure how much of that was due diligence versus actual interest.

Another interesting name still available as a potential flexible DH option is Wilson Betemit.

He has rebounded from a terrible season in Chicago by spending the last two years with Kansas City and Detroit, hitting a combined.290 with a .838 OPS. Betemit is primarily a corner infielder, but could play the outfield if needed. Is he a big, powerful DH? No. But he’s not a past his prime veteran (such as Johnny Damon or Manny Ramirez) , and the 30-year-old Betemit has a career .817 OPS against right-handed pitching.

*Speaking of the offseason and trade/free agent rumors, I’m working up an inbox for Orioles.com to run on Tuesday. Hit me with any Orioles’ related questions heading into camp at brittany.ghiroli@mlb.com. Please include your name/hometown. Thanks!

*The Diamondbacks claimed former Orioles backup catcher Craig Tatum off waivers from Houston today, according to ESPN’s Keith Law.


Who do you think will be the Orioles next signing?

Before I comment in all honesty I am not a real big fan of Prince. But that said in Steve M article today seems the Dan Duquette has taken a different posture.
1. Fan Base re-building is necessary. They need something to be excited about.
2. Making a splash this year is as the Nats did last year to have free agents take us serious next yeat.
3. If adding a pitcher is included we could be on the way to contention. Edwin Jackson should be on the plate to add enticement for Prince to look at the O’s. The rotation beigns to solidify. The Offense becomes more than adequate. The defense???? especially on the infeild will depend on 2b and 3b.

So Peter needs to issue a statemnent and meet with Prince to GO ALL IN on these 2.

Some baseball excitement is way over due in this town and by the fans. Let’s not lose another generation. Time to Be A Player.

Hey Dan, do a little research and check out these guys. The King and his court. Pitcher ,catcher. 1st baseman and one other fielder. They won about 95 out of a 100 games they played against 9 player teams. Why, how and what is the point. Because they had the best pitching and defense. The Orioles could Pitch (promote)the Prince and his Court. Sign him and a top of the rotation pitching and some corner high quality infielders and Watch out American League East. Love to read this fairy tale all the way to the happy ending. World Series for the King. King Peter of Camden Yards.O’s4ever

You got it. Good luck Detroit…

Well the prince is in Motown. Good we will get to see him a few times a year and don’t have to pay extra to see him. Now that The O’s saved 200 mil now maybe they can sign some pitchjng. O’s4ever

hey dan how about going out and tradin some prospects to the cubs in exchange for alfonso soriano cus u need a guy that has been to the world series and a big time bat comin from him cus he knows how to make great plays and hit the long ball alot so try doin that just saying

hey dan i think u should sign johnny damon and johnny gomes cus ive watched them both play last season and trust me when i say this and that is both of them r good at getting on base and driving in runs and they know what to do in the clubhouse cus they r both inspiring leaders and i think if u sign them or trade some players to get alfonso soriano then it would be really cool to get all 3 of them and have them in the middle of the line-up cus if u want to be a contender u can do that and then sign more pitchin to help the bullpen out more.

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