A few notes

EDIT- As a few people have pointed out, Guthrie wasn’t on the original autograph list, so he there won’t be any further changes.

*Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie tweeted this morning that he will be unable to attend Saturday’s FanFest due to a “family commitment”. Guthrie joins second baseman Brian Roberts as the latest veteran who will be missing at the annual event.

*A reminder that the deadline to apply for the Orioles open PA announcer job is Jan. 26. The organization has recieved more than 300 entries to date.

*It’s been a slow offseason news-wise, but hearing that Jake Arrieta is on track to be ready for Spring Training has to be some relief for Orioles fans. Arrieta, who had a bone spur removed from his right elbow, has started throwing bullpen this week and said his primary goal is to make it deep into every game this season and post a 200-inning 2012.  It’s been written a million times before, but having Arrieta and some of the O’s other young arms, step up this season would go a long, long way toward the organization’s future success. The full story is up here.

*The Astros designated former Orioles backup catcher Craig Tatum for assignment yesterday.


I don’t think Guthrie was on the lists to begin with. I think he gave the O’s plenty of notice.

Yes, you’re correct. I glanced at the autograph list, but just assumed he was on there. My fault.

Good news about Jake! Agreed that if the rest of the Baby Birds stepped up this year, we could meet or exceed DD’s stated goal of a .500 season.

I like Arrieta. He has the confidence of a winner. He attacks the hitters and doesn’t crumble when somebody hits him. I think the Orioles were correct in shutting him down last year. Britton has the same fire as Jake. And you will soon here whispers of the name Bundy Don’t count Matusz out either. I agree the need to step up to the hype. With Matt behind the plate and Buck calling the shots, you are going to see swagger back in Orioles baseball. Give Buck a shot and be patient and remember the spoiler role against the big guns is going to turn into a pennant race.

Hey Britt; what is your gut feeling on the O’s possibly signing some proven major league talent to fill the #1 and #2 slots in the rotation instead of the current group of #3.4 and 5 slot pitchers which is all we presently have. It would be great to see Guthrie and gang fighting for the 3.4 and 5 spots where they belong. Also what about adding starters at 3rd and 1st that are proven talent and a legitimate DH that drives in runs, has power and doesn’t strke out 200+ times. Do we have enough lefties to package a deal or two with a veteran for these type players.O’s4ever

Hey Britt — do they actually pay you to write a blog once a month ? Roch blows you away. Are you embarrassed about that ?

Roch is a blogger. I’m a writer. Check Orioles.com for full coverage and all my content. I use this blog as an additional thing; we aren’t required by MLB.com to blog because we write 4-5 stories a week and also use Twitter. I use this blog as an additional avenue for coverage in addition my responsibilities for Orioles.com. I’m sorry if that disappoints you; I’m only one person doing the best I can. –Brittany

Just wanted to respond to the little boys ill mannered comment to Britt. It is a shame that people like you are allowed to speak. You have nothing worth saying other than to ridicule others. Just take all your ignorant and trash talk back to where you learned it. I bet your mother must be proud of you, a gem of a guy. I guess guys like you who have to talk like a jerk need to do it to boost your own ego. You should be lucky enough to have the respect of the Orioles and many Oriole fans with your own blog. Go back to degrading your wife and kids other family members and leave Britt alone. I ‘ll pray for you. Surely no one else will. Think about how much more life has to offer when you are kind, friendly and a person of high character. Think about it. You have nowhere to go but up.
PS- Does your boss actually pay you to do your job if you have one.

🙂 you just wrote more than Britt did in the last month ! I’m impressed !

That is what I get paid to do. Sorry you couldn’t understand that I blog as an additional way to inform and connect with fans. Much like Twitter.

Love your blogs Britt…your ignorant critic is probably a Red Sox fan.

Keep blogging Britt…we love it!

Any chance Tatum will be invited to spring training as a non-roster player? Might be a good move giving some veteran backup at Norfolk.

Slim chance.The O’s have Teagarden as a backup and Tatum would probably be able to find a better option than being third catcher.

It would be a nice option but you are probably right. Do you agree that the Orioles do need to find a capable option to play at Norfolk this season in case the “injury bug” does hit either Weiters or Teagarden and do you see any such options out there? I don’t see anyone currently in our minor league system that appears ready to take on such a challenge.

And Tatum just got claimed by the D-backs. There goes that😉

What happened to Jake Fox?

I am pretty certain that he signed a minor league deal with the Pirates.

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