Recapping arbitration

In case you missed it today, the Orioles officially announced that they have agreed to terms on a 2012 contract with three arbitration-eligible players: pitchers Jim Johnson, Willie Eyre and Darren O’Day. More on that here.

That leaves four players who will face a possible arbitration hearing next month: Adam Jones, Jeremy Guthrie, Robert Andino and Brad Bergesen. Below is the list of what each player made in 2011, what the player is seeking, and what the club is offering.  All of the players can continue to negotiate with the club all the way up until their arbitration hearings, which will be scheduled sometime during the first three weeks of February.

Robert Andino  $421,500 (2011) 1,600,000 (player)   1,000,000 (club)

Brad Bergesen     $434,00 (2011) 1,200,000(player) 800,000 (club)

Jeremy Guthrie   $5,750,000 (2011) 10,250,000(player) 7,250,000 (club)

Adam Jones         $3,250,000(2011) 7,400,000(player) 5,000,000 (club)


I am a Mexican oriol fan. The biggest, you must know. And I don´t undestand what the office of the club wants. If Guthrie and Jones go, you can say good bye to any good thing in the next season. The horizon is horrible,

I agree…

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