A quick update (updated)

Happy 2012!  It’s been a slow winter in terms of offseason moves, but I’m still sticking with my prediction that the Orioles have a meaningful trade or two in them before the spring starts. Since it’s Hot Stove season, anything is possible –or at least rumored to be– right?

I want to let readers of this blog, and those who follow me on Twitter, to know I’ll be stepping away from the Orioles beat for a week to use up some vacation time before Spring Training starts next month. What this means for you, besides less tweeting, and obviously no blog posts, really isn’t much. Any Orioles news, transactions or other press releases will still be up on the website, and all Hot Stove rumors will be on MLB.com’s blog.

It’s always tricky to pick time to take off with this job, since news can –and does — happen at literally all hours. Last year, I badly needed a few days to recharge after my first Winter Meetings, but this year I kept on going, waiting for some more offseason moves since the Orioles were so quiet in Dallas.  Fortunately this winter, even with the GM search, I never really felt like I had hit a wall. But with Spring Training literally around the corner, now seemed as good a time as any  to turn my cell phone and laptop off and take a little breather. And revel in Michigan State’s last-minute bowl victory, of course.

Yes, I’m aware of the rumors that outfielder Coco Crisp could possibly be signing in Baltimore, which CBS’ Jon Heyman tweeted as an unconfirmed possibility on Monday night. Heyman backed off that statement Tuesday morning, saying the Orioles aren’t in on Crisp. Another Hot Stove rumor that won’t come true.

If I’ve learned anything in two years on the beat, it’s that it’s never a “good time” to take a break. But, I’m extremely fortunate to have a great backup in Bill Ladson, the Nationals beat writer for MLB.com, so I know the O’s beat will be in good hands until next Tuesday.

In the meantime, I’ll have a feature story up this week I’ve been working on, and you can always email your Orioles questions to brittany.ghiroli@mlb.com for possible inclusion in the next O’s inbox.  And if you haven’t already, check out MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo’s organizational review of the O’s here.

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