Early interest on JJ, Os likely not in on Fielder

Here’s your latest roundup of Orioles rumors from this morning…

*While executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette didn’t shoot down interest in Prince Fielder in talking to MASN today, it’s not believed to be on the Orioles’ immediate agenda. The team needs pitching badly, and Fielder –while an enticing free-agent for the O’s – isn’t someone they are pursuing heavily. I’m told his name didn’t even come up at this morning’s briefing.

*What name is coming up all around baseball is Jim Johnson, who is a highly coveted reliever. Right now, the Orioles –who got a lot of activity on Johnson around the Trade Deadline – don’t seem intent on moving him although there’s plenty of interest already. Given the struggles of Kevin Gregg, Johnson is viewed as their closer if they can upgrade in the starting rotation.

*Former Orioles player Brady Anderson, who has been around the club as a special advisor of sorts, will be taking on an increased organizational role. There’s no official word yet on what his duties will cover, but it figures to include some scouting and some conditioning-type work.

*Also, I  noted the other day in a blog post that there were rumblings over medical issues with Koren reliever Chong Tae-Hyon. MLB Network’s Jon Heyman tweeted earlier that the Orioles remain confident a deal will get down once they work through some medical issues. So, sounds like that’s heading in the right direction.


Does that mean that the O’s are not interested in moving him into the rotation?

It depends on what they do to upgrade their pitching staff. If they get relievers, they can move him to the rotation. And vice versa. –Britt

Sounds like a lot of first day bullcrap. Report something real. When and if Mr. Dan Duquette does what it takes to make us competitive with the hated Yankees and Bosox and all other teams in baseball. No more bandaids. The Oriole way was to win at all costs. No excuses. Get it done. If not I am going to nickname Dan, Dan Briquette
AS in throwing up a brick, missing everything.

It’s pretty quiet for Day 1, and there will be a lot of talk and not a lot of action. It’s how almost every team is at these four day meetings.

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Any chance they are talking about moving Guthrie for a 1B like Alonzo, K Morales, Gaby Sanchez any body like that? If they aren’t going to go after Fielder, Cedese, Darvish or Jorge Soler I think they should trade anyone on the 40 man not named Weiters or Jones and get prospects. I am tired of being horrid every season and I don’t think I’m alone. If any of these guys like Johnson, Hardy or Guthrie have a crappy season or get hurt no one will give us anything for them later and after all, we ain’t winning with these guys so what’s the point? Need an example- Luke Scott. Please tell me they are interested in making moves and not plugging holes with has beens and never weres like Sammy Sosa, Vlad, Wiggington, Justin Dushmiere, Kevin Milwood, Glen Davis, Mike Gonz, Kevin Gregg… who am I missing? The last good thing the Os have done was the Adam Jones trade we need more of that. Please give us news we can get excited about.

Nope. To trade Guthrie, they’d need to get pitching back.

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