Orioles set to announce Fanfest

The Orioles are expected to announce plans for their annual FanFest later this afternoon and full details, along with how you can purchase tickets, will be on Orioles.com. This year’s date is January 21, and season ticket holders who renew automatically get a complimentary ticket to the event, which is held at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Usually, most of the Orioles team is there as well as the front office of manger Buck Showalter and executive vice president Dan Duquette, who also spend time taking fan questions.

Speaking of fan questions, I’m sorting through my email now to work on an inbox for today to answer some of your questions heading into the Winter Meetings. You can send your query to brittany.ghiroli@mlb.com with “inbox” in the title. Please be sure to include your name and hometown!

We’ve got some good things planned for next week’s Winter Meetings in Dallas here on Orioles.com, including a chance for Duquette to answer your questions personally. It should be a busy, sleep-deprived few days (I’ve got the Starbucks Via! packets already packed) but hopefully the Orioles make some moves and it’s not just rumors. If I learned one thing at last year’s Winter Meetings, which were my first, it’s that rumors fly from all over the place and 99 percent of them never come true. I’ll do my best to sort through things and present you with the most up-to-date, accurate information possible.

And in case you missed it, here’s the Spring Training schedule for 2012 that was announced earlier this week.

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