Happy Veterans Day!

With two of my three sisters active duty in the military, it goes without saying that my family is pretty big on supporting our troops. Keeping in that theme, I’ll be gone all weekend to run the Soldiers Marathon/Half Marathon in Columbus, Georgia on Saturday. I’ll be joined by one of my sisters (we’re both doing the half) who is stationed in nearby Fort Gordon, and she’s running in honor of fallen hero Pat Tillman.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I won’t be checking this blog or my Twitter feed very frequently until I return on Monday. New executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette is no doubt still evaluating the Orioles’ current personnel and trying to make decisions on their roster. But I’m not sure (and you never are) how soon those decisions will start to come.

Any Orioles-related moves will be covered, as always, on Orioles.com by our wealth of capable reporters.  And (assuming I’m in one piece after the race) I’ll be back Tweeting, blogging, etc. on Monday afternoon.

Happy Veterans Day, everyone. And if you see (or know someone) who serves or has served our country, be sure to thank them. I can tell you from witnessing it happen while with my sisters those appreciative words makes a soldier’s day a little brighter.



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