The waiting game

The 2011 season now in the books, all the attention turns to the Orioles’ front office and where things go from here. Orioles manager Buck Showalter said yesterday that today would be a busy day in terms of meeting with owner Peter Angelos and president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail to decide where the organization goes from here.

While the sense is the Orioles would rather make an announcement sooner than later, keep in mind MacPhail –who is expected to leave his post — has a contract through October 31.  There’s no rush for things to be finalized and announced today, and I don’t expect them to be.

Showalter has plans to fly to Texas for Saturday’s TCU-SMU football game with his kids, and he is tentatively planning on a trip to Sarasota for instructional league on Monday.  Will things be resolved by then? No. But I do expect the Orioles front office picture to be a little clearer by then. If I’m wagering when the announcement on MacPhail’s future comes down –and the belief is it’s just going to be a statement — I”m going with Friday.  I also believe, and this is just a guess, that will be the only news on Friday with Showalter still very much on the fence regarding his future.

He wasn’t ready to be the GM in Texas. Is he ready now? Does he want to be? It’s something I imagine he would at least need this weekend to discuss, and –with any hope — by this time next week we’ll know what position the Orioles need to fill.


Well, if we’re just speculating….if Buck would jump to the front office….could Demper be the new manager? Could that work?

I think Chuck is thinking the way the majority of fans are at this time. I know much of the discussion over the past many years has been for the O’s to return some if their “Magic” guys into leadership roles with the team. While I think Buck would be a decent choice to replace Andy McFail…it would be better received in this town if Cal would assume President/GM duties with Buck as his Deputy. Rick Dempsey is OVERDUE to be the Manager of this team. I know he has interviewed several times for this position, but his time is now. Additionally, Scott McGregor should become the Pitching Coach, Eddie Murray the hitting coach, Tippy Martinez in the Bull Pen, Don Baylor as Bench Coach, First Base Coach Brady Anderson or Al Bumbry and Third Base Coach Mike Bordick or Bill Ripken. That’s a leadership lineup that all here in Baltimore could be proud and supportive of! If nothing else, it’d increase attendance by at least 15% on just those names alone!! And it would provide our young players with living examples of how to win the Oriole Way and to finally restore Oriole Magic to Camden Yards!

Britt, thanks for the super posts this year, keep up the great work!

Wayne, I admire your nostalgic view but at the end of the day, nothing changes big picture with this team until Mr. Angelos sells to Cal Jr. The last 14 years has proven the old axiom that if you’ve got stink at the top, you’re going to stink all the way through.

This was another very tough year for us long time O’s fans but gawd, that win to knock Boston out was SWEEEET! Let’s Go O’s!

Why not give Willie Randolph a chance. The guy knows how to win. More than ex Orioles to lead the way back to respectability. We just need someone who is committed to getting the job done and holds everyone in the organization accountable to make it happen. Have to be better from top to bottom.

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