Matusz reax to being taken out of rotation

Brian Matusz was removed from the Orioles rotation and will work with pitching coach Rick Adair and try to get back to form. The 24-year-old could be used out of the bullpen as needed, although the focus is on getting Matusz –who was projected to be the team’s No. 2 starter — right, first and foremost.

“There are two sides to it,’ manager Buck’ Showalter said of the decision. “I’m a father first. I don’t like to see anybody get beat up on. I don’t think that Brian is at a point right now where he can defend himself properly. It’s not going to be a matter of him throwing 94 or 93 miles per hour. He can pitch just like he is stuffwise. It’s just command issues and repeating his delivery and a lot of things he’s aware of.
“I feel for him, but not to the point where…he knows nobody is going to feel sorry for him in that other clubhouse. He’s got it. He understands a lot more than what people may perceive about what’s going on.”

Here is what Matusz had to say about the news…

[on whether the news shocked him or if it was no big deal?]
“Of course it’s a big deal. This is the team, it’s what’s going to take place for the next thee week sis a big deal. But yeah I’m going to work in the bullpen, work on what I need to do be consistent  with my fastball, and just keep working. Stay on track and do all the things I need to do in order to get that feel.”

[on the plan going forward]
“We are going to take it day by day of course. We haven’t ruled out anything. We’re just going to keep pitching. I’m going to keep working on my bullpens with Rick, when we feel like we’re ready to possibly get me in a game we’ll do that. ”

[on if he can pinpoint what the problem is]
“I’m not going out there and I’m not consistent. Placing the exact reason on one thing, would be nice. It’d be nice to be able to do that and fix that problem. But for me, I’m not going to sit here and waste my time trying to figure out what the exact reason is. I’m just going to continue to work on things I need to do to be a better pitcher and  that’s it.”

[on if this will be a season he will look back and can laugh at later on in his career]
“I don’t think you ever want to laugh about going out there and not giving your team a chance to win.  that’s not something to laugh about. Obviously failure is not fun. I’m going to continue to learn from it. And I’m sure at one point down the road, I’ll be able to look at it and say I learned a lot from that season. That’s the overall goal.  But I’m going to keep at it. I like playing this game, that’s the reason why I’m here, I love this game I love doing it, I love being around  the guys and having that challenge of going out there and competing. So, for me I’m going to keep at it and keep a positive attitude and that’s all I can do about it. ”

[on how he stays positive]
“When things are going tough it seems like there is no positives. But there’s a positive in every situation.  No one wants to fail, but learning from fault could be a positive, you could turn anything in a positive. For me I know I love this game, it’s still fun coming in and competing and trying to get better. And I’m going to keep doing it. “

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