Roberts update

Brian Roberts was at Tropicana Field today, making the short drive over from Sarasota which is where he’s been working out. Not much news on the injury front regarding Roberts although he admitted today things would have to perfectly for him to return at some point this season.  He continues to do baseball activities, although not on consecutive days, and acknowledged it was tough to come into the Orioles clubhouse and look his teammates in the eye, given that he’s let them down by being out most of the year.

I’ll have a full story on, but here a few quick quotes..

[tough to come here?]

“It was a huge step for me to get in the car, yeah. As much as, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I mean that because I take a lot of pride in wanting to be here doing what I’m supposed to be doing. And [owner] Mr. Angelos has put a lot of investment into me and my family, the Orioles have tried to count on me for a lot and I haven’t been there. and that’s hard for me. It’s hard for me to walk in there and look guys in the eye and know what, especially knowing what they’ve been through the last five months. I’ve been there and I’ve done it and its hard and its rough.

Coming to the field today is difficult for me but I felt like it’s something I needed to do today  to kind of break that barrier.”

[on having to take thing slowly and not try to push through it]

“It’s been the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do when it comes to baseball. We all go through a few things in life in general that are hard. I’m not trying to say that this is as hard as what some people go through in life, but for me, baseball-wise, this has been very difficult to not be able to push through something, to not be able to grind it out and keep going. You play through hamstring injuries, you play through back pain and you play through all those things when you play 160 games in a season for years and years.

To have an injury that they say this is not one you can do that with, it’s very frustrating, it’s very hard. In some ways, it’s humbling because you realize how, I guess, fragile your career is and how fragile life is in some ways when you talk about what you are doing with the brain.”

[on a possible return this season]

“I don’t think we’ve ever sat down and necessarily ruled out anything. It would probably take at this point everything to go really, really, really well for the next couple of weeks. Bu I think all of our goals is just to get healthy, 100 percent symptom free for an extended period of time, and be ready to play whenever that is.

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