The speculation around MacPhail

There was quite a lot of buzz around USA Today’s report Tuesday night that president of baseball operations Andy MachPhail would be resigning, so I wanted to address it a little here.

The story, which cites two unnamed high-ranking Orioles officials, quotes MacPhail as saying “we’ll see” when asked about his future, a topic he has declined to discuss at all this season. Basically, the report didn’t say anything that the local media hasn’t already been reporting and speculating for a while now: MacPhail is not expected to return in his role next season.

In fact, it would be an upset if he did. To be clear, it wouldn’t be a resignation since MacPhail’s contract expires October 31. MacPhail has also made it clear that he doesn’t want to address his future, although he told me in Anaheim last weekend that he was well aware it’s going to be come a hot topic. Tuesday’s report –and the speculation as to who will replace MacPhail before anything is official — is only the beginning.

For more on the future of MacPhail and the organization I did a blog with his quotes and manager Buck Showalter’s thoughts, which you can read here. Or you can read the story on the unstable state of the front office from last week here.

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