Gonzalez reacts to the trade

Here a couple quotes from lefty reliever Michael Gonzalez, who found out about 3 p.m. ET that he had been traded to the Texas Rangers for right-hander Pedro Strop.

[on his reaction to the trade]
It’s kind of a mixed reaction for me right now. I’m excited. I’m going to go out there and I’m going to try to win the championship now, and especially right now that I’m feeling good. The bad part is obviously I wanted to do more here in Baltimore. It’s one of those things where I’m very thankful for Andy giving me the opportunity and having faith that I could come and get it done. Like I said, I wish would’ve been able to be better for the fans and things like that. But it is what it is. I tried my best toward the end and go out there and try to get something done.

[on if he Wished he pitched more of last two years like he has lately]
More than anything, it’s kind of a pride thing for me. It’s understanding and knowing what you’re capable of doing, and that’s being able to go out there and show what’s what, especially when you hear people talk about the beast of the East and it’s one of those things where you know if you’re healthy, you can go out there and get it done. I think that was the most frustrating for me. It was that I was obviously brought here to help the team win in those types of situations, and not being able to do that was tough for me.

[on being in a pennant race and close to home]
I’m excited, of course. Obviously I’m leaving great teammates. I think we had pretty much a good chemistry going here toward the end. It felt good, but it’s one of those things where I’m going to go to Texas and see what these guys are about over there. if they’re anything like Tommy [Hunter], I’m going to be all right.

[did you wake up today thinking this was possible?]
I’ve been hearing rumblings for a while, but I seriously didn’t wake up this morning thinking that. I was just coming to the ballpark and lay someone out in ping-pong.

Seriously, I just felt good. It was one of those things where I was going up there, I was taking it day by day and trying to go out there and put a goose-egg up. I really wasn’t thinking about that toward the end.

[listen to offers from Baltimore next season?}
I’d love to show them what I’m capable of doing, like I said, when healthy. Yeah, of course. Everything about here is great. I liked everything having to do with it. Like I said, the only thing that I’m disappointed about is not being able to go out there and show what I’m capable of doing.


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