Girardi on the Yanks’ anger

By now you’ve probably already heard that manager Buck Showalter wasn’t happy with the “hypocrisy” of the Yankees, who are not about the Orioles’ refusal to schedule a last-minute doubleheader Friday and now will use up the team’s remaining off day September 8. (You can read Showalter’s comments here.)

Here is what Yankees manager Joe Girardi told reporters this morning.

[What’s your feel on when the makeup game will be. Any more word on Sept 8?]
I’ll let the powers to be handle that. We’ll just worry about playing these games, getting two games in today and playing tomorrow and trying to win the series.

[Orioles proposed back to back doubleheaders?]
“Yes…Physically how do you do that?  I mean, how do you physically do that when you’re playing day after day after day. You talk about risking injury to players and trying to manage a pitching staff. I don’t think it’s physically possible.

It’s not, it’s not fair to the product of the game.It’s one thing if you have to make them up at the end of the year as the last two days of the season and you have to do it and you have extra bodies.

That’s why I’m a proponet, when you do play split doubleheaders you’re able to add a pitcher and a position player. If you use that pitcher the first game you can add one the second game. To me it makes sense because the most important part of this game, I think, is the competitive play on the field and the product.

If you have guys hurt or injured and they are on the fifteen day disabled list and can’t play because you played two doubleheaders in a row, to me that hurts the game.”

[what other possibilities are there other than 9/8?]
“The end of the season, you do it the Thursday after the Tampa game. We could do a split doubleheader at our place  There are lot of different things you can do.”

[If the roles were reversed you wouldn’t like that?]
“These are circumstances that aren’t normal. It’s kind of like the Marlins had to go up to Seattle because they had a concert. I’m sure they weren’t happy about it.

They didn’t move it to a neutral site. I’m sure they weren’t happy with it. Cleveland had to go play in Milwaukee because of crazy circumstances. Sometimes the circumstances dictate what happens.”


Love your editors comment! They need to get over themselves. I’m actually a Mariner fan.

I second the editors comment. Who the &$%# do the Yankees think they are.

What are the previous commenters talking about? I see no “editor’s comments” in this post. Has this post been edited?

“These are circumstances that aren’t normal”…Ha! If the circumstances aren’t normal then suck it up and do a double header on Monday if you don’t like it. Either that or show up and play the game on 9/8 …or forfeit the game. That’s all I’ve got to say about Girardi’s comments.

I have for years stated that even though I do not support the Yankees organization, particulartly arogant fans and ownership that I beleived the individual players had class. They seemed to carry themselves, mostly, well in public. This episode has proven they possess NO class. We lost a great man in Flanney and Girardi equates it to “Tampa going to Seattle because of a concert?” What an idiot! The yankees have proven to be a very expensive bad product in character.

Edit! (I stated Tampa in errror)” the Marlines going to Seattle becuase of a concert? Girardi is still an idiot. That doesn’t change!

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