Draft deadline..

The Orioles have until midnight ET tonight to reach an agreement with their remaining Draft picks and they continue to negotiate with top pick (fourth overall) Dylan Bundy, Vanderbilt third baseman Jason Esposito (2) and high school third baseman Nick Delmonico (6).

The organization has remained cautiously optimistic that they can sign all three guys and scouting director Joe Jordan echoed that sentiment again Monday morning. It will be interesting, however, to see how things play out as we get closer to the deadline and the focus shifts to Bundy, who would be a huge upset if he didn’t sign.

Delmonico figures to command well above-slot, as a high school third baseman who was ranked by many publications as a late-first round talent, and Jordan has made it no secret that he hasn’t been pleased with how long Esposito’s negotiations have dragged on. It wouldn’t shock me if they sign Bundy and only one of the other two guys, especially as we get into later in the day.

“We got some work to do on both of them,” Jordan said of Esposito and Delmonico.

“But our energies are going to the player we took No. 1 [in Bundy]. I think we have the ability to sign the rest of them, but we may not.
We may decide that whoever we can get first is where we put our resources.”

Jordan has never not signed his top Draft pick and Bundy –a right-handed high-school pitcher– is expected to be an Oriole when the clock strikes midnight. Speculation has been that Esposito’s camp hasn’t been happy with the offer out and I could certainly see a case where the Orioles get fed up and talks break down to the point where they use the extra funds on Delmonico.

I wagered a guess earlier this month that they sign Bundy and one of the other two players, and I’m sticking with that now. Although, it is looking more feasible 12 hours before the deadline that the Orioles will get all three guys, which would bring their total to 22 of 50.

There isn’t expected to be any further signing announcements today for the Orioles outside of those three players. For total Draft Coverage, you can read MLB.com’s Jon Mayo’s story on all the decisions still looming for clubs here.

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