Ozzie explains his exchange

Passing along this note from my colleague over at WhiteSox.com, Scott Merkin, who is an OK guy despite being a University of Michigan grad…

Scott Merkin/MLB.com

BALTIMORE– A postgame report on a Baltimore Sun blog Wednesday night centered on an exchange of words between Orioles center fielder Adam Jones and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen following Nolan Reimold’s walk-off home run. Jones termed it as “part of the competition” on Wednesday and played it down gain Thursday before the series finale.

Guillen, who has as much fun as anyone during the course of a given game, said he was playfully getting on Jones during the course of the extra-inning loss. But he never even saw Jones after Reimold connected. In fact, Guillen never saw the ball land 436 away.

“As soon as the ball left the bat, I knew it was a home run and I left right away,” said Guillen with a laugh. “I was right behind (bench coach) Joey (Cora).”

The situation wasn’t closed out by Guillen Thursday without one more comical shot at Jones, his Wednesday foil.

“What is he going to celebrate?” said Guillen with a wry smile. “Someone else did it.”

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