Lee’s farewell

By now you know Derrek Lee was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Minor League first baseman Aaron Baker.  Here’s what Lee had to say as he hugged goodbye to teammates.


How do I feel about it? It’s the business of baseball.

[on joining Pittsburgh]
Yeah they are playing good. They turned it around so good for them.  I’m still playing baseball, so that’s always a good thing.

[heard about this trade potential before tonight?]

“Oh yeah, of course I heard it. You guys asked me about it the last few days.  No, I knew coming into the year there was a pretty good chance I wasn’t going to finish it here. So, I understood all of it.”

[on his time in Baltimore]
“I enjoyed it. I enjoyed these guys. I enjoyed Buck. Always have enjoyed Andy [MacPhail]. Ballpark is beautiful.

We didn’t play s as well as we wanted to, I didn’t play as well as I wanted to. But I enjoyed my time here.”


appreciate how on top of things you are Britt!

Thank you! It’s been exhausting, but fun today.

Seeing his words makes me feel okay that he’s leaving. What a first rate guy and a classy individual. He’ll be missed but he’s moving to a great season with the Bucs. Good luck!

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