Around the O’s clubhouse

There’s been a lot going on the last 24 hours and some of these quotes would otherwise end up on the cutting room floor, so I thought I’d pass them along.


[on new guys Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter]
“I think hopefully we can offer some things that Texas wasn’t able to, mentally and emotionally. It’s always reassuring on the players, and keep in mind these guys are 25 years old, these are really young players that have had some success in a tough division in the American league West. I think there’s some real potential here.”
[on losing well-liked veteran Derrek Lee being tough]

“Yeah, just like it was [with] Koji [Uehara]. They are good people. Pittsburgh is getting a good man, a good person and a guy that’s starting to play pretty well. So it’s a good move for them and a good move for us. We like the guy we got back.  But it’s bittersweet for us.

I’ve talked to Derrek a day or so ago about keeping him up to speed. He reads and hears, there’s no secrets in the game, he knows what’s going on…I have some sympathy as to what he’s going through. I don’t care if you are 35 or 25, it’s a tough thing. You try to dwell on the fact  that he’s coveted not only but us but by somebody else.”

[on being excited to get two new guys]
“Just the math alone, we got 2-for-1. If those two guys work out it’s a pretty good mathematical equation. Two gains to be had. I’m not going to say we would or wouldn’t have had Derrek back next year but two have two young players who are under control, you kind of know you can keep in the fold and kind of fit in to what we are trying to do. They are younger than some of the players that are still trying to establish themselves here. So, there’s quite an upside on them…I like both their makeup. Both get after guys.”


[on being sent down]

“My stats coming back, since the last time I got sent down were pretty good. So, there’s a lot of positives, things to take out of the last six weeks. A lot of good things. Last night wasn’t so good obviously but I’m not going to let that dictate or influence the way I think I’ve been throwing. I feel like I’ve been throwing pretty good. Yesterday was a bad outing. It sucks getting sent down, but I don’t feel sorry for myself.”
[on what he will work on in Triple-A]

“Stay after it. Same thing I’ve been doing up here. Just fine tune things, stay consistent with my stuff. It’s not time to overanalyze things or worry about things. I’ve been throwing pretty well. So, I’m not going to sit here and reinvent the wheel.”
[on if he’s hoping for a short stay]

“That’s not something I control. We will see how things play out. I’m not going to sit here and count the days down or put a timetable on things. I don’t think that’s fair, mentally more than anything. Its just a matter of when I’m down there, work, and hopefully soon I’ll be back up here and when I’m back up here I’ll be ready.

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