Scott’s future

You know by now that Luke Scott is down for the season and will see Dr. James Andrews and get a second opinion on his right shoulder –which has a S.L.A.P tear –before deciding to go the rehab or surgical route.

There is also the very real possibility  that Scott could have played his last game in an Orioles uniform.  Heading into his final year of arbitration eligibility Scott, who is making $6.4 million this season, could be a non-tender candidate given that he’s due to make more next season and could be a way for the Orioles to shed payroll.

(Non-tendering is when a team chooses to not offer a contract to a certain player –mainly because the potential cost outweighs their perceived value –such as the case with reliever Matt Albers last year.)

It’s a fact Scott is well aware and one he touched on briefly on Saturday.

“As far as my future with the Orioles, my feelings are, my heart’s desire is that I want to be here when the organization makes that turn to get back to where we need to be,” Scott said.  “But that’s out of my hands.  All I can do is get ready for this challenge that’s coming up, getting myself ready for next spring training and bring to the table what I bring to the table when I’m healthy.  Then the rest of that’s the Orioles’ decision.  The Good Lord has control of my future.  My heart’s desire and my hope is that it will be here.”


Bye Luke, the hot streak last year was fun. The rest…maddening.

I’d rather save the payroll and give Pie, Reimold, or perhaps a minor leaguer get more playing time. But the O’s still need bats.

I imagine that injury has sidelined Luke from having his usual torrid second half, but, aside from performance, could it be possible that the team may also desire to distance itself from his viewpoints? All indications are that he’s also a good clubhouse guy and would be missed, but a prevalent feeling is that he’s blocking playing time for Reimold. Any thoughts?

With Vlad/Lee on 1 year deals I would think the Orioles would welcome Scott back to DH next year. I guess it all depends on what happens with that second opinion. He was best suited for DH anyway and next year he would be perfect.

Good news out of all this is that Nolan should get the LF spot rest of the year. See what he can do the rest of the year and hopefully he excels there.

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After those Obama-birth-certificate comments, Peter Angelos will not bring Luke Scott back.

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