Ortiz on appealing suspension and any carryover

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz confirmed the numerous reports from yesterday that he would appeal his four-game suspension, which was handed down as part of MLB’s discipline in the Orioles series last weekend.

As far as Ortiz is concerned, there should be no continuation of any bad blood with the Orioles.

“Hopefully not,” he said to reporters in St. Petersburg. “Not from my side.”

“[Orioles reliever Michael Gonzalez] threw at me and you saw my reaction, what it was,” Ortiz said. “I was surprised they were still carrying the thing over. But let’s see. We have Major League Baseball always doing the right thing to make sure we don’t get into that too much. … Everybody should turn the page.”

Ortiz was front and center twice in the heated four-game set, charging the mound with closer Kevin Gregg pitching to start an on-field brawl Friday and he was thrown behind on Sunday, resulting in Gonzalez’s ejection.

“A lot of things go through your mind,” Ortiz said of  Gonzalez’s fastball that sailed past his back.  “Sometimes you get kind of into a situation. You either act like you don’t care or you do what you’ve got to do. I got caught in a situation and you must move on.

“Trust me, I don’t play baseball that way. Sometimes there are some buttons that get to be pushed and you get caught up in that. It’s the kind of situation you don’t want to be involved in. It’s not what the fans come to watch and definitely you feel embarrassed.

“You don’t want anybody looking at you like you’re a punk. I’m a grown-ass man and I respect everybody and that’s why I have a lot of friends around the league because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”


The BoSox lead the league it hit batsman by far. The score from that series O’s hit 1 Sox hit 4. Lackey hits DLee intentionally, a fine. Gonzo throws behind Ortiz, he and Buck get suspended. Franconna didn’t get suspended after a warning and a hit batter. Moral of the story, submit and be intimidated by the Sox, let Ortiz pose on the plate, and god forbid never throw to him inside. The Rich get Richer!

They hit four of our batters, we hit one of theirs and it was completely unintentional. How these punishments make sense is beyond me. Vlad is out with a cracked hand while Terry and his stupid glasses and no uniform get to still manage games. Ridiculous.

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