Lee: It’s a bad as it could be

The Orioles dropped their seventh straight game this afternoon as they continue to freefall into the second half of the season. Derrek Lee summed up the horrible road trip best by saying, “There’s no good spin to put on it. It’s as bad as it could be.”

Here are a few other notable quotes from this Sunday’s 8-6 loss to the Red Sox, which saw four ejections including manager Buck Showalter and reliever Michael Gonzalez.

[on both sides being warned after Jeremy Guthrie hit Kevin Youkilis with a changeup]

“You are not allowed to argue that, but [the Red Sox] lead all of baseball in hit by pitch. I lost two players today. I don’t think it was intentional from the young kid [rookie Kyle Weiland], location was a challenge for him. So judging intent I don’t think there was any intent there on his part.

I just know that we got hit four, five times here and it wasn’t particularly pleasant. You are looking at Mark Reynolds and [Vladimir] Guerrero having broken hands at the time, it looks like we might have dodged the bullet with the initial X-rays but you know don’t know what could show up down the line. It doesn’t make you happy. And it’s worked out pretty well for them, worked out real well for them the last four games.”

[on Gonzalez pitching behind David Ortiz]
“I can tell you exactly what I would have thought of it if I was the Red Sox. He threw one pitch, I’m pretty sure he fouled off, and then he threw the ball behind him. I would have thrown him out of the game too.”

“The changeup to Guthrie, I haven’t quite figured that one out. I know the umpires are trying, I just wish they would have issued the warnings before the game started because [John] Lackey should have been thrown out of the game [on Saturday] for hitting Lee. That was intentional as it gets. [It will] be interesting to see if they hand down any punishment for Lackey.”

[on the ugly nature of the four-game series sweep]
“We didn’t pitch well. And they’re swinging the bat, they are 10-1 in the last 11 game they are in first place in our division. And you can see why. They are real deep. Their what-ifs they are able to withstand a lot of injuries because of their depth and some of the things they are able to do. Their farm system, their payroll, it shows up.

We got to emulate some of those things, hopefully one day we will be playing as good of baseball as they are right now. Because we’re not.”

[on the Ortiz pitch?]
“Very frustrated, Very frustrated. I’ve seen our guys get hit accidentally. It’s just how it is. It’s how the game goes. That’s about it with that.”

[so it was intentional?]
“Like I said, the whole series was frustrating the whole way. It was what it was and that’s the way it goes.”

[situation could have been handled better with the umps?]
“I think so. Obviously everyone else in the stadium knew Jeremy went and threw a changeup there and they go off and give the warnings right out the cute. I don’t think that was definitely right. But it’s just how they played it out and we just had to go off that.”

[on being warned after he hit Youkilis with an offspeed pitch]

“I’ve said it before, sometimes those who are in control of the game – I know the umpires have to control it – sometimes they show a lack of feel by not understanding what is going on.

I think that’s to be understood not having been in the situation not having played the game at a high level probably.

You got first and third and you throw a changeup to the guy trying to get a groundball and I miss up and in. If they really had issues with people being hit, they could have warned the benches the second time one of our players were hit versus the third hit batsman of the game on a changeup on a situation where I clearly wasn’t intending to hit a gentleman.

It’s difficult but I’m sure nothing will happen and we’ll just keep going forward from there.”

[on going 1-9]
“It was a horrible road trip. There’s no good spin to put on it. It’s as bad as it could be.”

[on the umpiring]
“Who cares? We lost. The game is not about hitting people and all that nonsense. It’s about winning and losing and they won the game. All of the other stuff is meaningless.”

[on the team freefalling into the break]
“The way we’re playing, it’s not fun to come to the ballpark. We need to do a better job just playing better baseball and getting a little bit better. It’s just been a bad run. We need to find a way to get better.”


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Most of the quotes are repeated as being said by Guthrie and Lee. Just curious about who said what.

They probably both said it. Baseball is full of cliche.

Fixed now, Sorry about that. Clearly, I need the All Star break as well…

Totally cool. Love your blog…dream job (well maybe if they’d win a little more.) I figured those quotes sounded way more Lee than ever-positive-spin Guthrie. Enjoy your break.

What to say? I’ve been in the Baltimore area the last three years b/c of the Army. I’m leaving soon; back to a place where no MLB teams exist for at least four hours driving distance – Cincinnati and St. Louis. I am a lifelong Cub fan so the nosedive, freefall does not completely unnerve me. Unfortunately, I am used to my favorite baseball team(s) disappointing me. One thing I can say with certainty, I will miss my frequent trips to Camden Yard the most of anything I’ve experienced living in this area. Go O’s!

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