From the Sox side

I blogged earlier about the Orioles’ reaction to an ugly series sweep by Boston, which included eight ejections stemming from Friday’s on-field fight between David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg.

Here’s some reax from the Red Sox side…


[on the pitch Michael Gonzalez threw behind him]
“I was surprised absolutely. Especially after you have a few warnings, situations happen I guess people make their own decisions so whatever.”

[on Gregg talking about the Red Sox payroll Friday night]
“Well all I can say about that is that’s why everybody has history. This is part of the game, there are going to be good things there are going to be bad things. There are superstars that make a lot of money/”

[is Gregg jealous?]
“I don’t think he’s jealous. I think it’s just the moment. That’s why I didn’t want to talk to you guys the first night [on Friday] because I didn’t want to say anything stupid. Everybody’s fired up and when you’re fired up your reaction is pretty much not the right one. I think it was all the momentum and that’s what got into him. And I’m pretty sure he would love to play for a team like this.”

[on other teams jealous of Sox payroll]
“We have some youth, too. So people can literally kiss my rear end.”

[On the Ortiz ball]
“It looked a little — it makes you think. The ball was three feet behind him. That’s where somebody gets hurt. That’s the point where somebody can really get hurt if you do something like that.”

The Orioles host the Red Sox next week in a second-half series that should be interesting to say the least..


Hurt, you mean like having to leave the game and get x-rays kinda hurt?

Pretty sure THREE FEET behind the batter is in the safe zone.

Every pitch that came Ortiz’s way was at his hips. Not his hands, not his head. He’s a big guy, if we did choose to hit him, we choose the right way to go about it. But we didn’t even hit him. So why there were warnings issued is beyond me just because a guy with a huge salary complains he doesn’t like the pitching style. TOTAL BS… don’t EVER tell me that umps don’t favor teams like Boston and NY in these situations. They have more clout, and that’s that.

This is what irks me about the RedSox and their fans. Its that “holier than thou” attitude. Francona sure has a lot to say about a ball that missed Ortiz by 3 feet, but nothing to say about the 4 batters that his team threw at?

Boston players to shut up. It was our playersthat got hit the hans and needed to be taken out of the games. There should be some fines and suspensions handed out.

Throwing behind is dangerous because the initial instinct is to back away from the plate. Although had Ortiz “backed Into” that pitch it would been have hit almost exactly where spot Derek Lee was hit the day before. The thing that I find interesting / amusing is that while everything swirled around Ortiz, nothing ever touched him. ( Except maybe Weiters when he cleared him away from Gregg )

The Boston Red Sox pitching staff leads the league hitting opposing team’s batters (52). They don’t have the moral high ground on this issue. Just when you think the Red Sox fans are low rent, the Red Sox team surprises you with some low rent behavior of their own. I swear, if Al-Qaeda had a baseball team, I’d root for them to beat the Red Sox.

Don’t forget the REd Sox and David Ortiz started it ….. Kevin Gregg threw an inside pitch at Ortiz waist, had he had to move a little, and he starred down Gregg. Gregg then had to show Ortiz he is not imtimidated by throwing a ball a little closer. Both of Gregg’s pitches were inside but waist high and nowhere near a head or a hand!!!

The Sox are crybabies. I hope they lose in October.

As for this disastrous road trip: Pathetic. This team has no fire and no ambition. Every element of this team has been tweaked in changed in the four years ANDREW has been here. And yet the losing continues.

Andy should be fired. We need someone not using 1980s baseball ideology to run a baseball team.

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