A few more notes

*The Orioles used six pitchers tonight and with Alfredo Simon on the mound for his first start in more than two years, I’d be surprised if the team doesn’t add at least one reliever for tommorow’s game.

*It was refreshing to hear the Orioles sound off in the clubhouse about not being bullied by the Red Sox. Will it help them win these next two games? I don’t know, but the comments post-game –Kevin Gregg’s in particular — show at the very least that the Orioles don’t have the losing mindset that has often plagued this organization in the past.

*Zach Britton called his outing a joke and an embarassment, and as usual provided a refreshing take of honesty in assessing the two-out outing.

“{I was] pretty much embarrassed,” Britton said of allowing eight runs, seven earned over 2/3 inning.

“It’s unacceptable. If you want to pitch at this level you can’t do that. Especially since the way we’ve been throwing the starting rotation, to go out there and not even get out of the first inning it’s kind of a joke. I really need to step up my game and start going deeper into games.

I was just leaving balls over the plate. And it seems like when they get something going in that first inning it was really hard to settle down and get outs. They came out swinging and I couldn’t get the ball down. It’s frustrating to say the least.”

“If I know Zach Britton, he’ll learn from what happened tonight and next time he’s in Fenway, he’ll pitch better,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter added. “He’s a not a guy that’s going to pull the dirt in around him.”


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Maybe some good will come from this fight. At the least, get a win before the break.

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