More sobering stats

I know you’re tired of hearing about how poorly the Orioles are playing in all facets of the game.  But instead of giving you quotes or lamenting what’s going on, here are some stats that include tonight’s 10-4 loss at Fenway Park.

The Orioles (36-49) have lost 9 of their last 10 and 18 of 24. They need to get better, as manager Buck Showalter –who had a team meeting last night — has been quick to point out.  But what do they need to get better at exactly? Everything.

Thursday’s loss marked the third time in four games the Orioles have  allowed 10 or more runs, a stretch in which they have been outscored 40-15. They also had the lead in three of those four games, which –depending on how you look at it — is even more frustrating.

Their offense –which went 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position Thursday– has a .173 RISP average since June 11, while their defense has coughed up 14 unearned runs on 19 errors in 24 games.

The starting staff has pitched to a 6.91 ERA over the last 23 games with just one starter — Jeremy Guthrie — completing seven innings over that stretch.

Finally, and I don’t mean to pile on one player, but Derrek Lee’s productive hitting has been a particular sore spot.

Lee — whose Wednesday homer snapped an 0-for-10 mark with runners in scoring position — hit into an inning-ending double play in the fifth and continues to struggle with men on base, posting a .131 (8-for-61) season RISP average. You could argue that his groundout did score a run tonight and you would be right. But is that really the kind of production you envisioned from a middle of the order bat?


I would like the Pitching staff to get upset and hit a batter in the butt. The hitters are way too comfortable at the plate, Michael Young needed a brush back last series, and after giving up 6 homeruns you need to show them you are not going to take that B.S.

The only bright side here is that we have a break. Matusz should be back and who knows what that could do if he’s well. Markakis finally stepped up, at the same time Jones cooled a little, and THEN Reynolds went on fire. It’s a streaky game sometimes, they’re just not all playing on the same page every night every inning.

Collapse of SP’s since Pitching Coach quit. WHY haven’t O’s fans been told the truth? WHY did Connors quit?

“It’s a streaky game sometimes, they’re just not all playing on the same page every night every inning.”

Its a team sport, and you have to play on the same page every night, every inning in order to win the Series. BUT, fans aren’t talking about winning the Series. We’re talking about being above .500. This is pathetic, and they need to let the fans cuss them out because this is BS. Idk wtf needs to happen, but they are being paid a hell of a lot of money to suck and lose night after night. I wasn’t even this furious last season. But this year, they were supposed to be better. Instead, they suck just as much as before. They have no identity, and no purpose. The Orioles have all the ability to win the Series, but they can’t even put it all together to win two games in a row. Some may think this is harsh, but they are PROFESSIONAL baseball players. They need to play like it because they are an embarrassment to the city, the franchise, and the players who came before them.

I love baseball more than football, and would be an even more obnoxious fan about the O’s than I am about the Ravens if the O’s would just become an average team. The Ravens have EARNED the right for their fans to brag and love them. They earned the right to sold out games and selling expensive merchandise, unlike the O’s.

I’m just so fed up with the O’s. I have a ticket for a game that was rained out with the Yankees in April. its rescheduled for August, and I’ve never passed on a game against the Yankees, but the way the Orioles are playing, I can do something better with my time, and maybe get some of my money back. They beat the Pirates a while ago, big deal. I don’t know the last time the Pirates had a decent team, and I think we actually suck more than them. They need to learn why they play baseball, and then go live that reason. Until they do, they’ll just be the laughing stock of the MLB.

Oh and I didn’t vote for anyone for All-Stars this year because not one of the players has earned it. I only care about 1 other player in MLB besides the O’s team, and that’s Pujols. At least he earns his respect, admiration, and knows why he plays the game.

@Brian W.: You’re exactly right! I’ve been saying that for several years. Our pitchers have no heart…no balls. They seem so happy-go-lucky when they’re on the mound. It’s no wonder opposing batters feel so comfortable when facing our staff. Typically, of course, the last Oriole pitcher to take some attitude and swagger to the mound COULDN’T PITCH!! That would be Daniel Cabrera.

I’m a lifelong Orioles fan and, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I’m at a loss for words. This team is worse than last year’s because, on paper at least, we should be doing so much better. But, game after game, it’s being proven that once again we just don’t have the personnel to compete, especially in this division. We need 45 wins the rest of the way just to break even at 81-81. Not happening. Welcome to losing season #14 in a row. And, the sad thing is there’s no ONE answer!! Are all of our starting pitching THAT much overrated? Apparently. Is it really that hard to play situational baseball and manufacture some runs? Obviously. We have no farm system to speak of. Machado is 2 years away, at best. And, he’s just ONE player!

Our once-proud Birds are in horrible disarray. We stink from the bottom, up. We have no one in the minor leagues to call up who would make a difference. This is a sad, sad year for us true Orioles fans.

Another night…………..
Another loss………………

And to make matters worse, Andy is totally oblivious. He is sprouting off BS to Roch about how “thin” we are in the minors. Why is that Andy? Why did we draft Hobgood and Givens instead of two well developed college kids?

Why is it that we kept Wiggi last summer at the trade deadline instead of moving him for some prospects? Why is it that Justin Turner is no longer here? Or that Waring, Johnson and Bell are still in the minors two+ years after we acquired them in trades?


I have read that when a pitcher gets demoted to Norfolk, they look forward to working with pitching coach Mike Griffin to get back to doing what got them to the majors. With that said, why not promote Griffin to the ML club and let him work with the pitchers that are in Baltimore? Just asking.

Some may say that we had a better team on paper, but we really didn’t. D Lee is damaged goods. Anyone following baseball should have known that. Reynolds is a strikeout machine, everyone knew that, but we didn’t know what a poor fielder he is. And while I love Vladamir, there is a reason the Rangers didn’t offer him more money- he’s done.
Having said all that I still think the team would be better than they are. JJ Hardy is a pleasant surprise, but the pitching collapse is a big disappointment.
I hope some trades are made and the batting order shook up. Maybe some guys need to sit a few games.

I have watched the O’s lose well over a thousand games in the last decade or so. A fair weather fan I am most certainly not. But yesterday I just have had it. I went to the library and got a stack of books to read. I’m done.

I was at the Orioles Rangers game on wednesday. Even though I am from Louisiana, but now live in Texas, I have been an Orioles fan since 1966 (6 years old) I lived in Owings Mills Maryland for over a year and was lucky enough to see my team at Camden Yards, But only get to see them 1 time a year here yes the Orioles have been in a slump, especially with their pitching, but you people are lucky, you get to see them almost every day on TV, listen to them on radio or see them live at the park, you are lucky, I have been and will be an Oriole fan for life. My girlfriend is from Randallstown Md, she went to Orioles games when they were still at Memorial Stadium and she was lucky enough to meet some of the truely great ones such as Brooks and Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, I was able to meet one of my many heros at his bar b que stand at camden yards, boog powell. Give the Orioles a break, they do have some players actually trying, my only concern has been the pitching. Baltimore has been scoring, but their pitching has been letting the hitters down. I watched all 3 games here (2 on tv, one at the park) when a team can score 3-4 runs every game the pitching has to step up and do their part

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