Britton simplifying things

Rookie Zach Britton is going back to the basics in regards to his pregame routine, cutting out video and eliminating the pregame starting pitching meeting at the suggestion of pitching coach Rick Adair.

“He’s just going to have us go out there and trust our stuff,” said Britton, who is slated to pitch Sunday’s finale in Atlanta. “So, I think it’s just going back to trusting the stuff and making sure I’m throwing strikes.

[Adair] brought it up to me the other day. [He]  just felt like earlier in the season, whether it was because I was new to the league, I was just being aggressive, not being scared of guys.  I think he just feels like maybe I’m a little more timid right now. Maybe trying to do too much, not trying to give up runs obviously, trying to put zeroes up all the time. And when you do that you press a little bit. So, I think it’s a mixture of all those little things.”

Britton –who has a 4.50 ERA in his last five starts — never watched video because it’s not available in the Minor Leagues and hopes the new approach would help eliminate some of the pressure to pitch to opposing hitters’ weaknesses, rather than his strength.

“There comes a point where you can kind of psych yourself out if you watch too much video and try to figure out what you are doing wrong,” Britton said.  “Even if you watch the same team, keep watching them over and over and over, you start gong, ‘oh, I got to do this, I got to do that.’ Rather than making it a simple game and using your best stuff to try to get them out.  Rather than trying to think everything through.”

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