More on last night…

*According to Elias, the last time a major league team had three or more players in their lineup get four or more hits and lose a nine inning game (as the Orioles did on Friday) was July 22, 2006 at Tampa Bay, when the Orioles fell to the Rays (Corey Patterson 5, Miguel Tejada 4, Brian Roberts 4)…The Indians did it July 30, 2008 at Detroit, but that game was 13 innings…The last team to get 18 or more hits and lose by four or more runs was the Royals on May 30, 2010 at Colorado (18 hits, lost 11-7).

*And according to Stats Inc., the last time a team managed four runs or fewer on as many as 18 hits was July 18, 2007 ATL vs. CIN – 4 R/18 H), and it’s been eight years since the O’s have done it (9/05/03, vs. SEA – 4 R/21 H). Those are the only two times the Orioles have done it since 1946.

Further illustrating the rarity of it, it’s apparently only happened 23 times in at least 65 years.

*According to ESPN’s research, the Orioles had three players (Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Derrek Lee) record at least four hits, and yet none of them managed to drive in a run. … Since RBI became an official stat in 1920, they are the first team to ever have three players with 4+ hits and 0 RBI in the same game.

*Also since RBI became an official stat, only one other team has had two players manage at least four hits in the same game– the 1984 California Angels, who had Rod Carew and Fred Lynn both go 4-for-5 with 0 runs and 0 RBI in a 2-1 loss to Oakland on April 13.


Britt… that is amazing! Thanks for the research. I commented in my blog that it had to be rare, but this is just incredible. Ugh… this is painful.

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