Jordan on the Draft, Bundy negotiations, etc

Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan held court this afternoon to talk about the Draft overall, the effect of having less affiliates, slotting bonuses, and –of course — the contract negotiations with top pick Dylan Bundy.

With one less affiliate and Dominican team, the Orioles will sign far less than in previous years, a process that Jordan said should help the organization better streamline their assets. The organization has already agreed to terms with two of their top 10 draft picks, although Bundy negotations have not started yet.

Here are some of the highlights from Jordan’s talk…

[on if he expects Bundy to get a record signing bonus for the Orioles]
“I don’t look to set any records. I don’t expect to. And expectations on their side are pretty good right now but that’s OK. I mean, he is a talented kid and we will work through it and see where it goes.”

[on if he would surprised if Aug 15 comes and Bundy is already signed?]
“No, I don’t think it is totally impossible for that to happen. But we haven’t done anything on that yet. I am going home the next couple of days, I am going to have dinner with he and his family some time next week. I think he is coming up to this area to visit his brother for a while at some point in time. So we’ll give it a little bit of time and then we’ll kind of lay the groundwork to getting things going and hopefully it won’t take as long. It will take a while.”

[on if the perceived public demands, such as Bundy’s $30-million price tag, bothers him]
“It doesn’t have any impact at all. They’ve all gotten the same playbook this year. If you could hear some of the numbers, it wasn’t just out guy. It was others. The numbers are all inflated now and we’ll have to wait until August to see where they all come in. It’s not real. It’s not relevant. They know it. We know it. It’s just the way the game is played, I guess.”

[on if the team got everything they needed from 3B Anthony Rendon’s medical report. They chose Bundy instead of Rendon]

“I don’t know how deep I want to go into that one. Here’s a player, again, we scouted since high school and everyone knows what that player did at Rice University for three years basically. At the end of the day, when we started looking at the two players ability-wise and health-wise and just everything together, we just felt like the right thing to do was take the player we took.

“Did we have everything we needed as early as we wanted it? No. Again, at the end of the day, it may not have been the deciding factor anyway. I probably have gone too far I don’t need to say a whole lot. They were both on our board. We took the guy we wanted.”

[On the influx of pitchers taken in the Draft]
“We have some good pitching prospects in our system, starting pitching wise we felt like it had gotten thin at the top of the organization, because of some promotions to the big leagues and maybe some guys at the lower level that haven’t had time.”

“So the way the Draft came off, and I went back and looked at it, we targeted [Mike] Wright. We targeted guys like [Kyle] Simon, college pitchers that we thought we could get in the system and if they do what we expect them to do we can get them to the middle of the system fairly quickly. And from there you just see what happens. But I like the arms and we talk all the time about grow the arms, buy the bats, I guess. But I like that. And I think we accomplished that.”

[on if he anticipates sixth-round high school third baseman Nick Delmonico being a tough sign]
“Yes. He’s the type of player that if you look at three years from now if he goes to school and does what we expect him to do, his draft position will be better than it was this year. But he is also a player that … he is going to be tough. He has got some talent, we like him, but again that’s a long way down the road, there’s a lot of work to be done on pretty much most of our draft, if not everything until we can really see if that is going to be a possibility.”

[on if he will be get leeway to do things like sign guys overslot, as has been the case in the past]

“I think when this thing shakes out in August, we will look back and say, you know they had all the support that they needed to do what they wanted to do.”


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