Patton, Jakubauskas demoted, Adams and Reimold to be activated

Following Thursday’s 13-2 loss to the Yankees, the Orioles demoted pitchers Troy Patton and Chris Jakubauskas and are expected to recall outfielder Nolan Reimold and purchase second baseman Ryan Adams’ contract from Triple-A Norfolk prior to Friday’s series-opener against the Nationals.

Patton and Jakubauskas were both recalled prior to Thursday’s game to provide reprieve from Wednesday’s 15-inning game, in which the Orioles used every reliever and starter Jeremy Guthrie. With a 14-man pitching staff on Thursday, the Orioles will revert back to 12 and help bolster a depleted bench that is particularly short on middle infield help with Brian Roberts (concussion) on the seven-day disabled list.

Adams went 1-for-3 in Norfolk’s 9-4 loss to Syracuse and is hitting .303 with 10 doubles, two triples, two homers and 8 RBIs in 39 games. One of this spring’s final cuts, Reimold is hitting .237 with six doubles, six homers and 22 RBIs.

It’s important to note Patton’s situation isn’t a straight option to Norfolk as he has to be put on waivers given a quirk in his contractual status. He will remain on the 40-man roster but isn’t expected to report to Norfolk until early next week.

The Orioles only have 39 players on their 40-man so they don’t have to make a corresponding move to add Adams.


Good moves… the Adams kid looked great in Spring Training and I still think Reimold can excel.

As a long time fan of the O’s, it is getting very hard to follow them on T.V. much less pay to go to the ball park. The bull pen has let us down so many times but I feel the real blame must go on the manager and pitching coach for allowing this to happen day in and day out.
When I first started following O’s baseball as a kid in the 60’s it was not uncommon to see a starter throw a complete game and still have his stuff at the end. If it was obvious he was tiring and losing his pitches he would then get pulled. Otherwise it was his to win or lose.
Today’s game relies too much on counting pitches (usually about 100) and it is an “automatic” that the starter will be pulled to bring in the “achilles heel” of the team which is the bullpen. I have seen too many times where one of the fine young starters on the staff goes 6-7 innings of good pitching (sometimes shutout ball) only to get pulled and watch his big lead be overtaken by the opposing team in the first inning of relief. In many cases you can see the frustration on the faces of the pitchers getting pulled and the frustration when they are in the dugout watching what should have been a win for them get turned into a no decision as the bull pen blows it.
I know most teams are doing the same with their pitching staffs but I think the Orioles are one of the worst at it. The opposing teams must be licking their chops when they see an Orioles reliever enter the game. It is time to put some confidence back in the starting pitching and let them win the games. Many times when the reliever enters the game it means immediate trouble with in the first 1,2 or 3 batters he faces. This is not a problem which is unique to Showalter but for many of his predecessors. I feel Showalter’s regime has lost at least 5 games in the last month and will lose many more over the remainder of the season by sticking with this practice. When will we learn?
The O’s were once a proud franchise but have been losers for too long. The method of counting pitches has ruined this franchise and it is time we return to the kind of baseball the Orioles are capable of.
Get a manager and pitching coach on board who can evaluate what a pitcher has at any given time rather than deciding before the game that the starter will get pulled after 95-100 pitches no matter if he is pitching good or bad. This is not managing, it is merely following a template (which is not working). Why would a manager pull a pitcher who has proven himself that evening only to turn to a weak bull pen.
It is no wonder why these pitchers want to leave the organization after they make their mark and are in demand by other teams. We have been in a rebuilding phase for too long sprinkled with a few has beens.
Let’s get back to the glory days of “Orioles Magic”! Now that was fun and maybe there will be some excitement in the ball park again.

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