Beckett on Scott

Boston Red Sox starter Josh Beckett didn’t want to discuss Luke Scott’s two-run homer or the staredown he gave the O’s outfielder afterward.

“Is this TMZ? I thought we were talking about a baseball game,” Beckett told reporters after the Orioles 5-4 win. “You want to know about bat-flips and talking to umpires. I think we should probably just stick to the game. I thought we did a good job battling back, and we came up one run short.”

The Orioles were able to rattle Beckett –who had been dominant in the three starts prior – two outs into the fourth inning. Capitalizing on Jacoby Ellsbury’s miscue in centerfield, which allowed Derrek Lee’s pop-up to drop in for a double, Scott blasted a 1-0 pitch 426 feet into Eutaw Street. Scott, who was the last Orioles to hit a ball that landed over the centerfield wall on Sept. 1, 2009, flipped his bat and trotted around the basepaths as Beckett glared at him from the hill.

“That’s not my deal.” Beckett said when asked about Scott’s bat flip. “Those things have a way of working themselves out.”

Three pitchers later, Adam Jones completed the back-to-back shots with a ball that just barely cleared the left-field wall and Beckett shouted a few words toward the Orioles dugout as he walked off the mound.

Scott said he wasn’t aware of Beckett staring at him and was only told by teammates when he got to the dugout about how the Red Sox starter had reacted to his slow jog.

“When I got in the dugout the guys said he was yelling or something like that. Staring,” Scott said. “I have all the respect in the world for Josh Beckett. He’s one of the best pitchers in the game. And I respect everyone who takes the mound against me. He’s a tremendous competitor and emotions, you know I’m an emotional person as well. So I can understand people getting emotional, getting fired up before a game.”

Asked if he perhaps celebrated this homer –which was an absolute bombs — a little more than usual, Scott said no.

“I caught it, saw it and tossed my bat off the way and went into my trot,” Scott said. “[I was] just enjoying the moment.”


Beckett was just mad because he grooved a couple of pitches that went bye-bye. If you don’t like the flip or the trot, don’t grove fat pitches that end up on Eutaw Street. Otherwise, just shurt up and pitch!

It sounds like Luke had no intentions of provoking Beckett. He’s a pretty great person, and a hard working ball player. That’s why he’s still an Oriole.
I’ve been a fan of Luke’s as long as he’s been on the team.
I’m curious Britt….I’m showing this as being posted at 2:55 am 4/28. It’s 1:35 right now in Bmore.
How is that?

I have no idea. Im still messing around with the new blog software… –Britt

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