Orioles/Twins lineups and pregame tidbits

*Jeremy Guthrie, who makes an effort to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, has an MLB-approved green glove that he will use in honor of Friday’s Earth Day. Not sure if he will pitch with it tonight or just use it tomorrow when with the team. But we will find out soon enough.

*Brian Matusz (strained left intercostal muscle) is here and will remain with the team for the rest of the homestand, which runs for another week. He is off today and will throw from 120 feet on Friday and Sunday and progress from there. In a perfect world he will get on the mound at some point next week, but that all depends on how Matusz feels.

He had a brief setback in Sarasota and had to be temporarily shut done, but Matusz said Thursday he’s pain free.

“I feel really good,” he said. “I played catch three days in a row now and I feel like I’m on track. I really held back at one point in time there. I had thrown two days in a row and I went to throw a third day and it just didn’t feel comfortable. It wasn’t hurting or anything. I just felt discomfort. At that point we took a couple more days off for precautionary reasons, but the last three days have been very good. I think that’s when [pitching coach Mark Connor] and Buck [Showalter] were talking and they wanted to get me here for the homestand so they could monitor me and kind of see where I’m at and evaluate me, and that way I’ll know when I can start my sides or even rehab.”

Matusz said it has been hard to stay patient at times, especially now that his body feels really good.

“It’s tough because I’ve got to be able to hold back a little,” he said. “We’ve just got to go day by day. I get so excited I just want to get out there, but I’ve got to be able to take it day by day. That’s all we can do.

I can’t start planning things out and saying, ‘Oh, this is the day I want to be on the mound,’ or, ‘This is when I want to be in a game,’ because every day is different. But right now I feel good. It’s all positive.”

The Orioles have three choices when they leave for Chicago Thursday night: bring Matusz with them, send him back to extended spring or send him out on rehab assignment. Obviously they hope it’s the third option, but it’s still a moving target at this point.

Brian Roberts 2B
Nick Markakis RF
Derrek Lee 1B
Vladimir Guerrero DH
Luke Scott LF
Adam Jones CF
Mark Reynolds 3B
Matt Wieters C
Robert Andino SS

Jeremy Guthrie RHP

Denard Span CF
Alexi Casilla SS
Jason Kubel RF
Michael Cuddyer 1B
Jim Thome DH
Danny Valencia 3B
Luke Hughes 2B
Drew Butera C
Jason Repko LF

Scott Baker RHP


Hi Britt,

Sorry for the random story, but I thought you’d like this and didn’t know where else to send it to you.

My brother and I were in Norfolk, VA for a hockey game. We sat in the next section over from the wives/GFs of the Hershey Bears. One woman there had these six-inch, bright pink high heels. It was hysterical. She was barely over five feet tall even with the heels. That building is old and the floors and stairs are cement, but she was able to get around in her heels like she’d been born with them. She was heckled by some Norfolk fans and gave it right back to them. Very funny.

John (nats113437 on twitter)

Excellent. Yes, that’s me most of the time!

Do you have bright pink heels? 🙂 She was so awesome. I loved how she didn’t care what anyone thought. Her uniqueness made her beautiful.

Did you actually get this from Matusz or was this taken from another source?
I was just wonderin what you think about his condition/ability?
I’d hope they wouldn’t try to rush him back.
Buck is a patient man, right?

The quotes that Matusz said kind of suggest I got it from Brian.🙂 Yeah, they are being very patient.

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