Showalter on Tillman: “Not good. Not good enough.”

That was not a good start tonight for Chris Tillman, whose performance all but buried the Orioles in Wednesday’s series opening 7-4 loss.

Tillman admitted afterwards that his outing wasn’t “going to cut it” up here, and the Orioles are hoping that he can start to show signs of being an effective Major League starter.

“I was disappointed, the results are results,” said Tillman, who is now 1-2 with a 8.27 ERA in four career starts against the Yankees. “I think anybody would be disappointed in this, you know? I’m more disappointed that I made some good pitches and when it counted I didn’t make those pitches.

I missed middle almost every single one of those pitches, I missed middle. Whether it was up or down. It just goes to show, that’s not going to cut it here.”

Manager Buck Showalter remarked that Tillman has had one good start “statistically”, a so-so one last time out and obviously he struggled tonight. The statical comment is due to his six no-hit innings against Tampa Bay, an offense that has struggled to put any runs on the board against anyone. Clearly, Showalter wasn’t overly impressed with that first start from Tillman, although it was light-years better than what we saw on Wednesday night.

“He’s obviously a guy that doesn’t have a lot of experience,” Showalter said of Tillman who turns 23 on Friday.

“You’re going to have some innings. You just can’t let them get away from you and keep the team in the game. It was 6-0 there. 3-0 you take. But he didn’t make a lot of good pitches and he paid for it.

He had some problems in the first one in Tampa, too. Up here, a lot of times these clubs don’t give you a chance to get your feet on the ground. There was not a whole lot there for Matty [Wieters] to work with tonight.”

Wieters said command was the big issue for Tillman, who turned in the second-shortest start of his career and matched a career-high in hits allowed.

“We were a couple pitches way from being a little better than 6-0, but we got behind the counts early,” Wieters said. “And with this lineup you can’t get behind the count and have to come in there with a fastball, they knew what was coming.”

Tillman is next slated to start on Monday at home, and all signs point to him getting at least one more turn.

“There’s always options if you have to make an adjustment. We hope not,” Showalter said of Tillman’s performance perhaps forcing the Orioles to examine other options such as long relievers Chris Jakubauskas and Josh Rupe.

“I’m not at that point now. “We just go through a game.”


Finally, after all these years, at the end of last night’s MASN broadcast, Jim Palmer applied his obvious talent for critiquing a pitcher to Chris Tillman. It wasn’t pretty, but it was so nice to hear someone who should know what he’s talking about say the obvious – Tillman is nowhere near being a major league pitcher.

I did hear about that and have to say I agree. Great kid, but needs work.

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