Britton, Hardy, Reynolds & Wieters on the sweep

Here are some extra quotes from today’s 5-1 sweep over the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s always easier to talk to guys after a win and given that it was getaway day, I didn’t get a chance to post these earlier. Enjoy.

[on his nerves]
“I was really excited. It really wasn’t as bad, I remember spring training with Philly when I was really just everywhere, it wasn’t that bad. After that first inning I started to get a lot more comfortable out on the mound but at the same time I was really excited.”

[on his plan of attack]
“We canned the sinker. We were throwing four-seams al day and they hit some balls hard. But I think I was too amped up today to throw the sinker, so I wasn’t able to get the groundballs that I wanted to, but I had to be able to go to four-seam to be able to throw strikes. I was walking guys with the sinker so there was really no reason to watch that.”

“The offspeed pitches were there, especially the changeup. So thankfully they were there without the sinker.”

“I was disappointed that I didn’t have the sinker but the guys were like, they think about it. You can pitch here without your best pitch. And that’s something I’ll take out of today.”

[on the moment hitting him yet]
“I don’t think so. Maybe tomorrow when I wake up I’ll be able to take a step back and remember today. I was just excited. We’ve been playing great baseball and I think this is what everyone expected just bringing in the guys that we did. It’s Orioles baseball. It’s putting runs together, guys getting people over, getting good pitching, hopefully we can take this over into the next series and continue it.”

[on Monday’s home opener]
“It’s going to be really special especially my first opening day at Camden yards. My first day at Camden Yards. It’s going to be really exciting. We have a lot of momentum going in. Like I said, hopefully this is the way that the Orioles are going to play baseball and the other teams, they have to respect that.”

[on the sweep]
“It’s big. We had all the confidence in the world going through spring training and as many expectations as we’ve had on ourselves. It’s nice to get off to a good start like this.”

[on Britton]
“I’ve been impressed by him every outing I’ve seen. Even in spring training. He’s opened a lot of eyes. And to go out and do this his first start was pretty awesome.”

“He seemed really calm. He seemed like he was right in his element. I looked over at him when he was throwing his bullpen warming up and he looked like he’s been doing it for years. That was a good sign to see that.”

[on his two-RBIs double, which chased Wade Davis from the game]
“He was throwing me a lot of fastballs my first two at-bats. I think I saw maybe one changeup and a lot of fastballs. He started me off with a slider and threw a fastball in and I was able to get the barrel on it.”

[on going home 3-0]
“It’s great. It just adds to that confidence that we had coming out of spring training and it’s just a great way to start the season.”


[on Britton’s composure]
“I thought he was real calm especially for a first start. I was expecting him to be a little amped up today but he came in here like it was just another work day. That was impressive that he was as calm as he was out there.”

[on the rotation]
“That’s a great start. It’s just good to be able to set the tone for the rest of the season and the rest of the staff. I they get out there and throw strikes and show confidence with all of their pitches, it’s going to be a pretty good year for us.”
[on going back home]
“I expect a good turnout tomorrow. Baltimore is a great city. If you are winning, they are going to come out and support you. Hopefully they can get behind this team and we’ll be able to keep winning.”

[on the pitching]
“They are throwing strikes. We’re starting kind of slow out of the gates hitting wise, but they are keeping us in games and we’ve come up with some big hits the past couple of nights.”

[on Britton]
“He went out there like he’s done it before. If he had nerves, it didn’t show. He was throwing hard and he was giving us every chance to stay in the game. We were lucky enough to score a couple there to give him a win.”

[on the offense]
“We have a lot of veteran guys in the lineup, a lot of guys who can hit. If the pitching keeps doing what we’re doing, hopefully we’ll be in more games than we’re not. Just keep grinding away. We have a lot of games left and a lot could happen.”

[on the sweep]
“It’s huge. It was important for us to get off to a good start, get some confidence going and kind of get that losing attitude out of here, and come away with a sweep from the Rays. It just gets tougher. There are some good clubs coming in. I know everyone here will be pumped up to play in front of the hometown fans.”

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