Tillman on his day and new delivery

Chris Tillman just spoke to reporters following his final spring start this afternoon and was happy with his performance given that he has been reworking his delivery and he had his worst stuff this spring.

Still, not exactly an outing you would want given that Tillman is still in contention for the team’s final rotation spot. When asked if he thought he had done everything he could to make the team out of camp Tillman said he couldn’t answer that.

“They’ve told me the things to work on and I felt like I’ve worked on them, and they said they’re happy with the way it’s going and I’ve got to keep working,” said Tillman, who has a 3.93 ERA this spring. “The two or three percent [of the time], I feel like I’m trying to go back to my old self. I’ve got to fight myself and battle myself to make the changes.”

Tillman is confident that he is pitching better this spring than a year ago, when right-hander David Hernandez beat him out for the fifth starter spot.

“Absolutely. With the changes I’ve made, I’m more consistent, my pitches are better, more crisp,” Tillman said of the differences in 2011. “Later in the game today, that was probably the worst stuff I’ve had all spring, and to still be able to get guys out like, I think that’s a positive.”

Tillman’s reworked delivery isn’t a minor tweak, it’s more of an overhaul from the way he described the changes.

“[It’s] pretty much my whole delivery. As you can see, my tempo is much faster, much quicker. I don’t have that hitch in it anymore,” Tillman said.  “I think it’s going well, actually. Been working on it for two outings now. Overall, I’m pleased with the way it’s going.”

“I just wanted to focus on my game plan, which is working on my delivery. That’s what I’m going out there trying to do, get better for my teammates.”

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