Talking “Theo’s Tenure”

Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein hasn’t commented on Orioles manager Buck Showalter’s comments about him in April’s Men’s Journal.

We found out this afternoon that Boston’s manager Terry Francona is not happy with what was said, and it’s interesting to note that today’s Red Sox game notes, which are available to the media in the press box, have a new blurb today called “Theo’s Tenure”.

Here’s what it says: “Theo Epstein has led Boston to 6 playoff appearances and 6 95-win seasons in years since taking over as GM, prior to 2003. Under Epstein, the Sox lead MLB in World Series titles (2), and postseason series wins (8)…He was named GM of the decade by Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News…Boston was also tabbed by Baseball America as having the best amateur drafts of the last decade.”

I was told this is a new addition to the game notes.  Interesting timing isn’t it?

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What is Francona upset about?
If they could not afford those players they would not have gotten them.Money plays a big part in acquiring players.
MLB should get rid of the tax that Boston and NYY pay.Then those bad teams would have to improve their teams,by spending their own money or fold.

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