Drese’s day

Ryan Drese just finished talking with the media following a three-inning outing in which he allowed two runs on five hits with a pair of strikeouts.  The five hits were all solid contact, including a leadoff homer from Ben Zobrist.

Drese was a longshot coming into camp and he has struggled in his most recent appearances, pitching to a total 8.59 ERA this spring. Still,  Drese –who has undergone two Tommy John surgeries — is not giving up hope just yet.  Here’s what he had to say this afternoon…

[On his outing]

“Leading off the game, I throw a pitch to Zobrist down and away and he hits an opposite-field homer. You’ve got to tip your hat there. It was a good piece of hitting. Other than that, I thought I threw some good pitches. The only really bad pitch I thought I threw was to B.J. Upton with two strikes. I left the ball up and over the plate and he hit it for the longest single ever. But other than that, I felt good.”

“They said two or three [innings]. I had no idea. I went three, I felt really good and I was ready to keep pitching if they wanted me to, but that’s what the plan was ahead of time.”

[on making the team]: “I’m sure hoping my name is called, whether it’s starting or relieving. Nobody’s heard anything yet. It’s going to come down to the last few days. It may even come down to the intrasquad game we play. Still hoping, and hopefully get one more shot out there. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

[on if he will accept an assignment to Triple-A Norfolk if he doesn’t break camp]
“I have a verbal out that I agreed to before I signed. I’m not even thinking about that right now. I feel really good and that’s the important thing for me, being out for a while. Just coming back and getting consistent work.”

[on the mound meeting with head athletic trainer Richie Bancells and pitching coach Mark Connor]

“I don’t know what happened. My thumb slipped off the ball somehow and I felt a little tingling in my hand. I was trying to stretch it out and it just went away. Then I threw a ball down in the dirt. I think that led them to see if it was bothering me, but I told them it was fine. It went away after that first pitch.”

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